Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's almost May

I'm excited to be done with April and move onto May and hopefully better weather! It has been so cold this month. I'm ready to move onto some capri pants and sandals weather!

I am also excited to try my hand at yet another "Photo A Day Challenge" created my Fat Mum Slim. I try to partcipate each month and then I either forget or get stumped for a picture idea after a couple of days. For some reason this month's list looks really do-able to me! Let's see how long I can actually do it!

During my lunch hour I headed down to the ole gym in my building and jumped on the treadmill. I walked the 1st 3 minutes for my warm-up and then ran the next next 17 minutes before I needed a 1 minute walk break. After that I ran a couple more minutes before I needed one more 1 minute walk break. My new goal is to aim for only the one walk break on my next run on Wednesday.

To help get me started on my FatMumSlim #PhotoADay for May I decided to get a jump start and finish the last days of her April challenge so I coul;d have a full week's worth of pictures up. Today's picture topic (April 29) was "I wore this today" so here is a picture of my new bright pink Brooks running shoes.

After work on the way home my daughter wanted to stop at Target to buy new ear buds. I was too tired to wander around Target in my work heels so I plopped myself down up front at the Starbucks and just waited.

Yay for the kids being old enough to wander around Target without their mama every step of the way! I really should revamp my work shoe wardrobe and find some fashionable, comfortable, AFFORDABLE works shoes. Do those actually exist?

The evening was quiet for us. I totally overate at dinner because I was so starving from eating light all day. Usually I try to balance it a little better but it didn't work out that way today. I had a grand plan that I was going to attempt a second workout after the kids went to bed but instead I got wrapped up in sorting and purging paperwork. I think I'm "nesting" before the hubby gets home from deployment next week!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still Going Strong

As of Wednesday the Ft Meade Running Series website was still down so I messaged them through FaceBook to see when the results from Saturday's 5K would be posted. They emailed me back with my time and then that evening the website had been updated. I was so happy with my time! I thought I would be around 37 or 38 minutes and I ended up with 36:47 - my fastest time yet!

I've been trying to be very conscious of my food choices lately. It does take a lot of planning and decision making to stay within or even close to the calories I'm trying to stay within using MyFitness Pal. 

My phone locked up on Tuesday night while I was sleeping causing me to oversleep on Wednesday. I was in such a rush to get to work I didn't have time to pack my gym clothes or my lunch. A couple of girls at work were going to Jimmy John's for lunch so I hopped on their website really quick to try to find a low-calorie filling lunch. I love the fact that you can build your own sandwich by adding and removing items to see what the resulting calorie count will be. 

My first inclination was to go for the veggie sandwich to keep my calorie count low since I wasn't getting in a lunchtime workout AND I knew I would be eating out for dinner with my son. I had the bread removed and instead had it wrapped in lettuce with no mayonnaise. It was DELICIOUS - AND I didn't even get chips to go with it.

Wednesday evening I had to take my daughter to soccer practice because her father had a late meeting and couldn't take her. While she was at practice my son and I went to Noodles and Company. Again, I had to make a low calorie meal decision. Fortunately the restaurant had the calories listed next to each item which is a feature I love. I wish all restaurants would do this. Of course everything involving noodles had more calories than what I had left for the day so I got a sandwich on flat bread. 

I got The Med (without the soup pictured). I normally don't eat two sandwiches in one day but for some reason these ended up being the lowest calorie choices I was able to make at each of the restaurants today.


What it actually looked like.

Thursday I jumped on the treadmill during lunch and did a 30 minute run. Well, actually I did a warm-up 3 minute walk and then ran 27 minutes with a 1 minute walk break about 20 minutes in. 

Friday I really wasn't motivated to workout but I forced myself to go to the gym during lunch. I did a YouTube Fitness Blender workout. It was short but effective - my stomach muscles were still hurting two days later.

Saturday I picked up my race packet for my 5K. I got my first "swag bag" and saw my first expo. The shirt was really cool - not one of the typical white t-shirts. Unfortunately I didn't run the 5K on Sunday morning. The logistics were out of whack for those running the 5K. Since the main draw of the race is an all women's marathon - that's what took precedence. Therefore even though my race wasn't until 7:30 - I would have been AT the parking lot by 6:30 am to avoid the road closures. Because I live 30 minutes away from the race - I would have had to leave my house by 5:45 and be up by 5:15 - definitely not too appealing for a Sunday morning. 

Instead of going to the 5K on Sunday I stayed home and did laundry and meal prepped for the week. One dinner I made was to just take the skin off of some chicken drumsticks and throw them in the crockpot with some Lawry's marinade.

While that was cooking and the laundry was going I pulled out an old Tae Bo dvd "Live In LA". I don't think I've ever done this one before. it was TOUGH! The warm-up was pretty much non-existent. We almost jumped right into the workout. It really focused on the arms using the Amplifier bar. Doing this workout made me realize just how much I'm NOT working my arms lately. I need to work on this. Maybe I'll incorporate some of the ChaLean Extreme weight lifting dvds into my schedule. There were two parts of the dvd where I felt I was needlessly standing around for too long while Billy had one of the girls demonstrating a move for the full 8 sets of an 8 count routine.

After that one I did the "Core Express" dvd thinking for some reason it was going to be some fast mat work - WRONG! It was more Tae Bo. It was good ole' Billy-style routines using the Amplifier bar but twisting and using the core more. It was another good workout.

Post workout I was pressed for time to get ready and to my daughter's soccer game on time so I made my first protein smoothie using my Magic Bullet - which I haven't used in years. I also used Almond Milk for the first time. I added in frozen banana chunks and Greek yogurt - delicious!

Soccer was great. Our team won and my daughter scored two goals. Their dad took them for frozen yogurt after the game before he dropped them off so I had time to come home and do a little straightening up and finishing touches for dinner.

We're off to a decent start to our week already. The kids made their own lunches while I cleaned the kitchen and then I packed my lunch. They got to bed on time. My clothes for tomorrow are laid out and ready. The only problem - I've stayed up too late updating my blog and I still need to send my hubby a good-night email.

I had planned to get in a morning workout tomorrow but that may have to be moved to an evening workout so I can get enough sleep. We'll see how it plays out. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Week

Last week may have been one of my best workout weeks ever!

Monday I got in a lunchtime treadmill walk

Tuesday I ran for Boston. I did 2.62 miles during my lunchtime

Wednesday I just wasn't feeling like getting on the treadmill during my lunchtime workout so I did a couple of Denise Austin workouts off of YouTube - Cardio Fat Blast Workout and Ultimate Fat Burn Workout. 

Wednesday evening I got in Workout #2 for the day. I tried to do another TurboFire workout - Fire 45 - but the sequence of moves were just too complicated for me - and I was doing the BEGINNER'S class. I'm getting pretty discouraged with the Turbo Fire series and unfortunately I can't return it because it is outside of the 60 day return policy. So it doesn't happen to me again - I attempted a Les Mills Combat dvd since I've had this series for 30 days. I did the "Basics" dvd and it was so much better that Turbo Fire - a complete dvd dedicated to actually teaching the moves before you begin the program!

Thursday during lunch I hopped back on the treadmill. I got pretty darn close to 3 miles!

Friday during lunchtime I did get in 3 miles - walking on the treadmill.

Saturday morning was my 1st 5K of the season! It was at Ft Meade. It was a cool morning - about 50 degrees. There was a pretty good turnout for it. I found myself pacing myself with this gray haired lady that was totally cruising along. THAT is what I strive to be like in 10 years! There were a couple of hills. I forced myself to run up them though. I did have to walk twice on flat road though briefly. My final time was 36:47. My next 5K is Sunday.

I took a rest day Sunday.

I dropped the kids at their dad's house Sunday night and relaxed with a little drink. 

Monday I ended up taking another rest day. I had a convention to go to for work so there was no lunchtime workout and then by the time I got home I was so worn out I just ended up vegging out in front of the tv for the evening.

Tuesday I did get back in the gym for a little treadmill interval session - walk 3 minutes, run for 2 minutes.

When I came home from work I pulled out my previous race bibs. I have four 5Ks under my belt now!

And on another note - my son pulled out straight A's for the quarter on his report card so I treated him to Game Stop.

And I FINALLY took hubby's car to the car wash! Today marks exactly 2 weeks until he returns from his deployment! I can't wait!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Two week recap

I have had part of this blog post sitting in my draft folder waiting for me to complete it.

After the horrific events today at the Boston Marathon I feel like I need to finish this, to type something, to express myself. My prayers are with the victims and their families. There is so much conflicting information in the media but even with the information that is known I feel terribly sad for the people that were at the marathon, for their families that had to worry until they could hear from their loved ones, and for us that may not have known anyone personally in Boston but are still saddened for the state of our country and the world in which I am raising two children.

In an effort to clear out my phone pics (still waiting on hubby to get home from deployment so we can upgrade our phones together and get iphones) - I'm going to do a photo dump. I say it often and I sure would like to put it into practice... but it would be awesome if I could post more frequently instead of having to recollect the past 2 weeks or so of my life! 

Friday, April 5th was basically the "last" real day of Spring Break. The kids and I tried out a mini golf place I had read about called Monster Mini Golf over in Columbia, MD. It is an 18 hole indoor mini golf place - in "the dark". My daughter won once again, followed by me and then my son.

Afterwards we went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. These kids sure are growing because they have both decided they want to start ordering off of the adult menu. OUCH is the sound of my wallet!

My daughter  ordered the Chicken Parmesan and proceeded to eat all of the chicken and pack up the pasta to bring home and eat for dinner. My son ordered some sort of chicken meal that came with two sides. Poor sweetie didn't even know what sides were when the waitress asked him which he wanted. 

Friday evening my daughter had a soccer game. They tied 0-0. 

04.05 - Daughter's soccer game DURING Spring Break
04.05 - A little selfie during halftime of the soccer game

Saturday they were only with me for a couple of hours their dad wanted to take them with him for his parents' 50th anniversary party so I let him. 

One of my favorite pictures of her.
I love her grin!
Aren't they cute?
They even intertwined their arms on their own.

I went and got my nails done and picked up Chipotle for dinner. I know - I'm wild and crazy!

Chicken Burrito Bowl
I attempted my taxes, looked up summer camps and vacation spots and explored the Ft Meade 5K running series.

I got my Google Reader down to zero blog posts and even unfollowed some blogs.  

My daughter also showed me an app which helped me unfollow a lot of Instagram people that weren't following me so I could concentrate on the pics of people that actually are interested in me and my progress. At one point I was actually following over 400 people! These 2 little things should help me cut down on my social media time!

Which should give me more time to.... EXERCISE (and blog about it). Here are my latest workouts:

Tuesday 4/9 was my 1st post Spring Break workout. I just did a moderate treadmill walk. My knee was a little sore from attempting TurbFire 55 EZ the previous night. That was one dvd I did not enjoy. It was way too fast for me and I couldn't keep up with the sequences. I ended up quitting after about 20 minutes and doing a Fitness Blender HIIT workout from You Tube.

Wed 4/10 I pulled out an old Tae Bo dvd to do - Tae Bo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator. It was such a welcome change from TurboFire to do a workout dvd that actually had easy to follow instructions for the sequences.

Thurs 4/11 and Fri 4/12 I didn't workout.

Sat 4/13 I forced myself to do another Tae Bo dvd AFTER I spent a full day Spring Cleaning.

Sun 4/14 I didn't workout. I went to Sam's Club and the commissary before the kids came back from their dad's. I also did a lot of housework to get a jump start on the week.

Cleaned out the refrigerator. I HATE having to throw out leftover food
that hadn't been eaten in time.
I did get back to the gym today Mon 4/15. I did a 30 minute treadmill power walk during my lunch.

This week I'm going to reattempt some of the TurboFire dvds.

And before I sign off - a quick selfie from last night when I actually blow dried and flat ironed my hair.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wrapping Up Mom's Maryland Visit

Tuesday after work I came home and the four of us went to play mini golf IN.THE.FREEZING.COLD.

It may have read 40 degrees outside but with the wind it sure felt like it was in the 30s!

FMS Photo-A-Day 2. Blue (the base of the mini golf putters)
After mini-golf we went to Uno's for dinner and to warm-up! Here's some goofy dinner table pics we took.

Me and mom

Say cheese!

Goofy girl

Silly twins

The next day - Wednesday - was mom's last day in town. We got up and out because she wanted to take the kids shopping for their birthday present. My son wanted a video game from Target

I love catching him browsing in the book section
Little Miss Thang couldn't figure out what she wanted

But she's a cute lil thang isn't she?

So we headed off to the airport to get my mom checked in. 

These are my Photo-A-Day 3 pics (Starts with A = Airport). 
What a cool ceiling they have at Baltimore Washington Airport.

We ate lunch there at the airport with mom before she went through security. Then we came back home for a few minutes before I had to bring my daughter to soccer practice. The wind was still making it really cold so my son and I hibernated to Starbucks to stay warm while she practiced.

Mother son Starbucks drinks

Selfie taken by my son. I love mother son time!

Thursday we got up and out of the house late - we are on Spring Break afterall! My daughter figured out what she wanted from my mom for her birthday - indoor soccer shoes. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods but they only had one kids style and she didn't like it. Of course. Afterwards we went and did a little wandering around Target. I did REALLY good (for Target) and pretty much stuck to the list. And then - frozen yogurt happened. For the second day in a row. That place is dangerous!
Photo-A-Day 4. This Happened Today.
There's 4 containers though because the pic was from the day before
When my mom was still in town .
We went two days in a row. Sorry I'm Not Sorry.

It was the kids' dinner night with their dad. I wasn't too hungry since we ate a late lunch so I tore into this:

And this

BOTH very good and not so healthy. Then the kids' dad brought them back late which pissed me off so I had a glass of wine.

I gained 3 pounds while my mom was here - which goes to show - I really don't know how to make healthy restaurant choices. I re-worked my TurboFire workout calendar since I missed so many days.

I finally transferred all my photos off my phone to my Google+ account so now I'm ready to get rid of this Droid and get my iphone when hubby gets back from deployment!

Today is our last day of Spring Break (long story involving their father switching up the schedule ONCE AGAIN) so I'm getting ready to take the kids out for our fun-day!