Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Week

Last week may have been one of my best workout weeks ever!

Monday I got in a lunchtime treadmill walk

Tuesday I ran for Boston. I did 2.62 miles during my lunchtime

Wednesday I just wasn't feeling like getting on the treadmill during my lunchtime workout so I did a couple of Denise Austin workouts off of YouTube - Cardio Fat Blast Workout and Ultimate Fat Burn Workout. 

Wednesday evening I got in Workout #2 for the day. I tried to do another TurboFire workout - Fire 45 - but the sequence of moves were just too complicated for me - and I was doing the BEGINNER'S class. I'm getting pretty discouraged with the Turbo Fire series and unfortunately I can't return it because it is outside of the 60 day return policy. So it doesn't happen to me again - I attempted a Les Mills Combat dvd since I've had this series for 30 days. I did the "Basics" dvd and it was so much better that Turbo Fire - a complete dvd dedicated to actually teaching the moves before you begin the program!

Thursday during lunch I hopped back on the treadmill. I got pretty darn close to 3 miles!

Friday during lunchtime I did get in 3 miles - walking on the treadmill.

Saturday morning was my 1st 5K of the season! It was at Ft Meade. It was a cool morning - about 50 degrees. There was a pretty good turnout for it. I found myself pacing myself with this gray haired lady that was totally cruising along. THAT is what I strive to be like in 10 years! There were a couple of hills. I forced myself to run up them though. I did have to walk twice on flat road though briefly. My final time was 36:47. My next 5K is Sunday.

I took a rest day Sunday.

I dropped the kids at their dad's house Sunday night and relaxed with a little drink. 

Monday I ended up taking another rest day. I had a convention to go to for work so there was no lunchtime workout and then by the time I got home I was so worn out I just ended up vegging out in front of the tv for the evening.

Tuesday I did get back in the gym for a little treadmill interval session - walk 3 minutes, run for 2 minutes.

When I came home from work I pulled out my previous race bibs. I have four 5Ks under my belt now!

And on another note - my son pulled out straight A's for the quarter on his report card so I treated him to Game Stop.

And I FINALLY took hubby's car to the car wash! Today marks exactly 2 weeks until he returns from his deployment! I can't wait!!

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