Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools Day!

Happy 1st Day of April. April Fools Day. I don't have any jokes or pranks to play on anyone. I never do though. I'm not a good prank player but I sure do fall for others pranks so I'll be on guard today.

My mom flew in to Maryland on Thursday night to spend some time with me while hubby is deployed and then to spend some time with the kids to help me out with Spring Break coverage for a couple of days. 

Friday morning we slept in a little and then woke up and had coffee together before we headed out.

She had initially planned her trip thinking the Cherry Blossoms would be in bloom in DC so we could go see them but unfortunately - with last week's little surprise snow - the date for their blooming has gotten pushed back. Mom didn't want to go sightseeing in DC - instead she really wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and then shopping.

She bought me the Michael Kors flats below that are so cute and so comfortable. She offered to buy the Toms wedges too but I said no - they were a little pricey too - so I paid for them because I REALLY wanted to have both pairs of shoes. Now I just need some REAL Spring weather to come through here so I can actually wear them. Oh yeah - and finally - I got my hands on the Justin Timberlake CD! The 1st CD I've bought in YEARS!


Saturday was a beautiful day. We went to Baltimore's Inner Harbor because my mom just had to have a crab cake on this visit to Maryland. She's been coming almost annually to Maryland for 14 years and had never once had a crab cake. We went to Phillip's. They had an hour wait. The cool thing is they text you when your table is ready so we were able to wander around the harbor a little bit instead of standing around right outside of the restaurant waiting to be called.

My best friend came over Saturday night to hang out with me and my mom. She brought a new-to-me drink called "Kinky". It was a sweet liqueur that we mixed with Sprite. It was one of those drinks that was really good, really sweet and if you're not careful can get you in a lot of trouble. But we were at home - so who cares!

After a couple of drinks I got up enough liquid courage to try on the dress my hubby sent to me. Even though he's on deployment - he still sends me gifts. He really is the best! The dress had arrived on Thursday from Frederick's of Hollywood. It is a size small and it looked so short I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to squeeze in it. But when I put it on it fit me LIKE A GLOVE! All of my hard work has been paying off! I was impressed and pleased with myself!

Not bad for 44 years old!

Mom and I had a quiet, laid back Easter. We spent most of the day in our pajamas and I made deviled eggs and a pasta dish for dinner. The kids came back from their dad's house around 6ish and were thrilled to be taller than their grandmother. At Christmas time they were about an inch shorter than her - and now they are well over an inch taller (my daughter is trying to stand on her tip-toes)!   

Today the three of them are hanging out while I'm at work which should be fun for all three of them - not for me! 

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