Monday, April 15, 2013

Two week recap

I have had part of this blog post sitting in my draft folder waiting for me to complete it.

After the horrific events today at the Boston Marathon I feel like I need to finish this, to type something, to express myself. My prayers are with the victims and their families. There is so much conflicting information in the media but even with the information that is known I feel terribly sad for the people that were at the marathon, for their families that had to worry until they could hear from their loved ones, and for us that may not have known anyone personally in Boston but are still saddened for the state of our country and the world in which I am raising two children.

In an effort to clear out my phone pics (still waiting on hubby to get home from deployment so we can upgrade our phones together and get iphones) - I'm going to do a photo dump. I say it often and I sure would like to put it into practice... but it would be awesome if I could post more frequently instead of having to recollect the past 2 weeks or so of my life! 

Friday, April 5th was basically the "last" real day of Spring Break. The kids and I tried out a mini golf place I had read about called Monster Mini Golf over in Columbia, MD. It is an 18 hole indoor mini golf place - in "the dark". My daughter won once again, followed by me and then my son.

Afterwards we went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. These kids sure are growing because they have both decided they want to start ordering off of the adult menu. OUCH is the sound of my wallet!

My daughter  ordered the Chicken Parmesan and proceeded to eat all of the chicken and pack up the pasta to bring home and eat for dinner. My son ordered some sort of chicken meal that came with two sides. Poor sweetie didn't even know what sides were when the waitress asked him which he wanted. 

Friday evening my daughter had a soccer game. They tied 0-0. 

04.05 - Daughter's soccer game DURING Spring Break
04.05 - A little selfie during halftime of the soccer game

Saturday they were only with me for a couple of hours their dad wanted to take them with him for his parents' 50th anniversary party so I let him. 

One of my favorite pictures of her.
I love her grin!
Aren't they cute?
They even intertwined their arms on their own.

I went and got my nails done and picked up Chipotle for dinner. I know - I'm wild and crazy!

Chicken Burrito Bowl
I attempted my taxes, looked up summer camps and vacation spots and explored the Ft Meade 5K running series.

I got my Google Reader down to zero blog posts and even unfollowed some blogs.  

My daughter also showed me an app which helped me unfollow a lot of Instagram people that weren't following me so I could concentrate on the pics of people that actually are interested in me and my progress. At one point I was actually following over 400 people! These 2 little things should help me cut down on my social media time!

Which should give me more time to.... EXERCISE (and blog about it). Here are my latest workouts:

Tuesday 4/9 was my 1st post Spring Break workout. I just did a moderate treadmill walk. My knee was a little sore from attempting TurbFire 55 EZ the previous night. That was one dvd I did not enjoy. It was way too fast for me and I couldn't keep up with the sequences. I ended up quitting after about 20 minutes and doing a Fitness Blender HIIT workout from You Tube.

Wed 4/10 I pulled out an old Tae Bo dvd to do - Tae Bo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator. It was such a welcome change from TurboFire to do a workout dvd that actually had easy to follow instructions for the sequences.

Thurs 4/11 and Fri 4/12 I didn't workout.

Sat 4/13 I forced myself to do another Tae Bo dvd AFTER I spent a full day Spring Cleaning.

Sun 4/14 I didn't workout. I went to Sam's Club and the commissary before the kids came back from their dad's. I also did a lot of housework to get a jump start on the week.

Cleaned out the refrigerator. I HATE having to throw out leftover food
that hadn't been eaten in time.
I did get back to the gym today Mon 4/15. I did a 30 minute treadmill power walk during my lunch.

This week I'm going to reattempt some of the TurboFire dvds.

And before I sign off - a quick selfie from last night when I actually blow dried and flat ironed my hair.

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