Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's almost May

I'm excited to be done with April and move onto May and hopefully better weather! It has been so cold this month. I'm ready to move onto some capri pants and sandals weather!

I am also excited to try my hand at yet another "Photo A Day Challenge" created my Fat Mum Slim. I try to partcipate each month and then I either forget or get stumped for a picture idea after a couple of days. For some reason this month's list looks really do-able to me! Let's see how long I can actually do it!

During my lunch hour I headed down to the ole gym in my building and jumped on the treadmill. I walked the 1st 3 minutes for my warm-up and then ran the next next 17 minutes before I needed a 1 minute walk break. After that I ran a couple more minutes before I needed one more 1 minute walk break. My new goal is to aim for only the one walk break on my next run on Wednesday.

To help get me started on my FatMumSlim #PhotoADay for May I decided to get a jump start and finish the last days of her April challenge so I coul;d have a full week's worth of pictures up. Today's picture topic (April 29) was "I wore this today" so here is a picture of my new bright pink Brooks running shoes.

After work on the way home my daughter wanted to stop at Target to buy new ear buds. I was too tired to wander around Target in my work heels so I plopped myself down up front at the Starbucks and just waited.

Yay for the kids being old enough to wander around Target without their mama every step of the way! I really should revamp my work shoe wardrobe and find some fashionable, comfortable, AFFORDABLE works shoes. Do those actually exist?

The evening was quiet for us. I totally overate at dinner because I was so starving from eating light all day. Usually I try to balance it a little better but it didn't work out that way today. I had a grand plan that I was going to attempt a second workout after the kids went to bed but instead I got wrapped up in sorting and purging paperwork. I think I'm "nesting" before the hubby gets home from deployment next week!

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