Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still Going Strong

As of Wednesday the Ft Meade Running Series website was still down so I messaged them through FaceBook to see when the results from Saturday's 5K would be posted. They emailed me back with my time and then that evening the website had been updated. I was so happy with my time! I thought I would be around 37 or 38 minutes and I ended up with 36:47 - my fastest time yet!

I've been trying to be very conscious of my food choices lately. It does take a lot of planning and decision making to stay within or even close to the calories I'm trying to stay within using MyFitness Pal. 

My phone locked up on Tuesday night while I was sleeping causing me to oversleep on Wednesday. I was in such a rush to get to work I didn't have time to pack my gym clothes or my lunch. A couple of girls at work were going to Jimmy John's for lunch so I hopped on their website really quick to try to find a low-calorie filling lunch. I love the fact that you can build your own sandwich by adding and removing items to see what the resulting calorie count will be. 

My first inclination was to go for the veggie sandwich to keep my calorie count low since I wasn't getting in a lunchtime workout AND I knew I would be eating out for dinner with my son. I had the bread removed and instead had it wrapped in lettuce with no mayonnaise. It was DELICIOUS - AND I didn't even get chips to go with it.

Wednesday evening I had to take my daughter to soccer practice because her father had a late meeting and couldn't take her. While she was at practice my son and I went to Noodles and Company. Again, I had to make a low calorie meal decision. Fortunately the restaurant had the calories listed next to each item which is a feature I love. I wish all restaurants would do this. Of course everything involving noodles had more calories than what I had left for the day so I got a sandwich on flat bread. 

I got The Med (without the soup pictured). I normally don't eat two sandwiches in one day but for some reason these ended up being the lowest calorie choices I was able to make at each of the restaurants today.


What it actually looked like.

Thursday I jumped on the treadmill during lunch and did a 30 minute run. Well, actually I did a warm-up 3 minute walk and then ran 27 minutes with a 1 minute walk break about 20 minutes in. 

Friday I really wasn't motivated to workout but I forced myself to go to the gym during lunch. I did a YouTube Fitness Blender workout. It was short but effective - my stomach muscles were still hurting two days later.

Saturday I picked up my race packet for my 5K. I got my first "swag bag" and saw my first expo. The shirt was really cool - not one of the typical white t-shirts. Unfortunately I didn't run the 5K on Sunday morning. The logistics were out of whack for those running the 5K. Since the main draw of the race is an all women's marathon - that's what took precedence. Therefore even though my race wasn't until 7:30 - I would have been AT the parking lot by 6:30 am to avoid the road closures. Because I live 30 minutes away from the race - I would have had to leave my house by 5:45 and be up by 5:15 - definitely not too appealing for a Sunday morning. 

Instead of going to the 5K on Sunday I stayed home and did laundry and meal prepped for the week. One dinner I made was to just take the skin off of some chicken drumsticks and throw them in the crockpot with some Lawry's marinade.

While that was cooking and the laundry was going I pulled out an old Tae Bo dvd "Live In LA". I don't think I've ever done this one before. it was TOUGH! The warm-up was pretty much non-existent. We almost jumped right into the workout. It really focused on the arms using the Amplifier bar. Doing this workout made me realize just how much I'm NOT working my arms lately. I need to work on this. Maybe I'll incorporate some of the ChaLean Extreme weight lifting dvds into my schedule. There were two parts of the dvd where I felt I was needlessly standing around for too long while Billy had one of the girls demonstrating a move for the full 8 sets of an 8 count routine.

After that one I did the "Core Express" dvd thinking for some reason it was going to be some fast mat work - WRONG! It was more Tae Bo. It was good ole' Billy-style routines using the Amplifier bar but twisting and using the core more. It was another good workout.

Post workout I was pressed for time to get ready and to my daughter's soccer game on time so I made my first protein smoothie using my Magic Bullet - which I haven't used in years. I also used Almond Milk for the first time. I added in frozen banana chunks and Greek yogurt - delicious!

Soccer was great. Our team won and my daughter scored two goals. Their dad took them for frozen yogurt after the game before he dropped them off so I had time to come home and do a little straightening up and finishing touches for dinner.

We're off to a decent start to our week already. The kids made their own lunches while I cleaned the kitchen and then I packed my lunch. They got to bed on time. My clothes for tomorrow are laid out and ready. The only problem - I've stayed up too late updating my blog and I still need to send my hubby a good-night email.

I had planned to get in a morning workout tomorrow but that may have to be moved to an evening workout so I can get enough sleep. We'll see how it plays out. 

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