Friday, April 5, 2013

Wrapping Up Mom's Maryland Visit

Tuesday after work I came home and the four of us went to play mini golf IN.THE.FREEZING.COLD.

It may have read 40 degrees outside but with the wind it sure felt like it was in the 30s!

FMS Photo-A-Day 2. Blue (the base of the mini golf putters)
After mini-golf we went to Uno's for dinner and to warm-up! Here's some goofy dinner table pics we took.

Me and mom

Say cheese!

Goofy girl

Silly twins

The next day - Wednesday - was mom's last day in town. We got up and out because she wanted to take the kids shopping for their birthday present. My son wanted a video game from Target

I love catching him browsing in the book section
Little Miss Thang couldn't figure out what she wanted

But she's a cute lil thang isn't she?

So we headed off to the airport to get my mom checked in. 

These are my Photo-A-Day 3 pics (Starts with A = Airport). 
What a cool ceiling they have at Baltimore Washington Airport.

We ate lunch there at the airport with mom before she went through security. Then we came back home for a few minutes before I had to bring my daughter to soccer practice. The wind was still making it really cold so my son and I hibernated to Starbucks to stay warm while she practiced.

Mother son Starbucks drinks

Selfie taken by my son. I love mother son time!

Thursday we got up and out of the house late - we are on Spring Break afterall! My daughter figured out what she wanted from my mom for her birthday - indoor soccer shoes. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods but they only had one kids style and she didn't like it. Of course. Afterwards we went and did a little wandering around Target. I did REALLY good (for Target) and pretty much stuck to the list. And then - frozen yogurt happened. For the second day in a row. That place is dangerous!
Photo-A-Day 4. This Happened Today.
There's 4 containers though because the pic was from the day before
When my mom was still in town .
We went two days in a row. Sorry I'm Not Sorry.

It was the kids' dinner night with their dad. I wasn't too hungry since we ate a late lunch so I tore into this:

And this

BOTH very good and not so healthy. Then the kids' dad brought them back late which pissed me off so I had a glass of wine.

I gained 3 pounds while my mom was here - which goes to show - I really don't know how to make healthy restaurant choices. I re-worked my TurboFire workout calendar since I missed so many days.

I finally transferred all my photos off my phone to my Google+ account so now I'm ready to get rid of this Droid and get my iphone when hubby gets back from deployment!

Today is our last day of Spring Break (long story involving their father switching up the schedule ONCE AGAIN) so I'm getting ready to take the kids out for our fun-day!

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