Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fantastic Five Day Weekend!

The Memorial Day Weekend was awesome! I actually had a 5-day weekend. I was going to take a couple of vacation days the Thursday and Friday before the 3-day weekend but then the President of our company chartered a fishing boat for the girls (and our significant others) in the company for the day Thursday and offered his and his girlfriend's summer home to us all to stay overnight so we wouldn't have to make the 90 minute drive back home. Hubby and I were the 1st ones there. My co-worker had given us the wrong address though so here's a pic of hubby wandering around the wrong property. Good thing no one was home!

I started off just fine on the boat. I took 2 Dramamine when we got on board and I had on the motion sickness bracelets. It was a cool and windy day. Once we stopped moving and stayed in one place to fish the waves started affecting me. I was so nauseous I thought I was going to be sick. I fought it though and managed not to be sick - I even caught a fish!

Hubby and me prior to me becoming seasick.

Friday morning we woke up and headed home early to beat the holiday traffic. We hung out a bit at home and then had Date Night. We saw "The Hangover 3". I thought it was hilarious. One of my Facebook friends commented to trust the critics on this one. Maybe I have the humor of a 17 year old boy but it was pretty funny to me. I still need to see "The Hangover 2" though. I hadn't realized I had missed it until they referenced some things in this movie that obviously weren't from the 1st movie.

After the movie hubby wanted to go to Coal Fire. It was okay. They have a pretty small, basic menu of pizza, sandwiches, salads and a couple of pastas. There wasn't anything that I just HAD to have so I settled on the spaghetti and meatballs which was just "okay" tasting to me.

Saturday morning while hubby was running around doing his thing I got in a couple of brief workouts. I did the TurboFire HIIT 15 class and the TurboFire Sculpt 30 class followed by a 12 minute Prevention Abs Advantage workout.     

We spent most of Saturday afternoon into the evening at Maryland Live Casino. We were going to to attempt to play some Craps but the minimum bet there is $50! That's just crazy! We stuck to the slots. We also stuck to the amount we had budgeted to spend.

We had a late lunch/early dinner there at Bobby Flay's Restaurant - Bobby's Burger Palace where we ate just about the best darn burger we'd eaten in awhile! After we ate we hung out for a little while longer in the casino and then I stopped by The Cheesecake Factory before we went home to pick up a slice of my favorite - Red Velvet Cheesecake - to eat when I got home.  

We got home pretty early and watched a little TV before we turned in early since we had our 5K bright and early the next day.

Sunday morning we ran the MCVET 5K in Baltimore. It was EARLY - like race time STARTING at 7am - EARLY and COLD! Brrrrrrr....    

Hubby ran an awesome race and finished in 27:16. I ran a great race for me. I was hoping to be in the 35 minute area but I was tired and winded during the race and actually stopped to walk briefly 3 or 4 times. I shocked myself and finished with a 34:57 time! My fastest 5K to date!

After the race we hung around to watch the 5K awards and to see some of the 10K runners finish. The we wandered off to grab coffee and breakfast. When we got home my daughter was texting to see if her and her brother could be dropped off later than scheduled because the wanted to go to their cousins cookout. Of course I said sure. I always say sure. What am I to do? Nothing. Anyhoo.....

I wasn't going to run on Monday since I had raced on Sunday but then I saw this on Instagram. It's a Runner's Streak hosted by Runners World. The object is to run at least 1 mile every day between Memorial Day and July 4th for a total of 39 days. So after my daughter's track practice (another long, sordid tale I won't get in to) I came home to get my 1 mile run in.

I wore the Garmin watch hubby gave me for Mother's Day and I carried my phone with the Run Keeper app running AND I had on my heart rate monitor. Pretty interesting result - the watch said I ran 1.48 miles and the phone said I ran 1.15 miles. I'm going with what the watch said! I know more people use Garmin's for their accuracy so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

After my run I came inside and did a Fitness Blender Cardio Workout too. 

By the time I was finished with my workouts and showered and dressed, hubby came home with my son. The boys had gone to see "Iron Man 3" while we were at track practice.

Hubby and I hit up the grocery store together and brought Subway subs home for a late lunch. Hubby went to the track to get his run on and I took the kids to mini golf where I finally beat lil missy!

After mini golf we stopped for some frozen yogurt and mine may or may not have been the heaviest bowl this time around. 

When we got home we weren't hungry so hubby ate his sub. Later he grilled some hotdogs for dinner and we had all the regular sides to go with them - potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans. Time to get back to recording my food in MyFitness Pal! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Another Day

Yesterday morning at work my co-worker called me in tears. She was downstairs in front of our building and had just been hit in her car by a delivery truck driver.

I went downstairs to help however I could. I ended up waiting with her for almost 2 hours for DC police to show up to take the report. The other driver and my friend had both called the non-emergency police line and were told an officer would be dispatched. At one point my friend even walked a couple of blocks looking for a policeman. She found 2 walking in the close by park but they wouldn't come assist. They told her that wasn't something they do and that they should just exchange information among themselves. Fortunately a policeman happened to drive down the street and wrote up a report and cited the other driver.  

The worst part is my friend still has temp tags on her car. The car isn't even 60 days old.

Because I had spent so much time outside with my friend my whole eating schedule got out of whack so I wasn't able to workout at my normal time because I hadn't eaten in time.

When I got home from work I was supposed to go for a run with hubby but I really didn't feel like it. He convinced me to just go for a walk. We messed around trying to get my Garmin working for awhile before we left but we couldn't get it working. Instead I just used my regular Polar Heart Rate Monitor and the Map My Run App on my iphone. After walking for a few minutes I broke into a little jog. I proceeded to do walk/jog intervals the whole time. My app came up with going 3.25 miles - hubby's watch came up with 2.99. I like my mileage better. PLUS he was running in the street and I was running on the sidewalks so in my mind I ran a little further since I was on the outskirts.

Afterwards we came home and I started dinner while hubby was in the shower. We had defrosted some tilapia I had in the freezer from BJs. I dipped the tilapia in a bowl of one egg and one egg white. Then I dredged it through a mixture of Panko bread crumbs and McCormick' Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb Seasoning. 

While the fish was baking I went to take my shower and hubby finished making the rest of our dinner. I LOVE when we tag team like that.

After my shower I tried out a "new-to-me" product instead of my usual Curel lotion. I had bought this Body Butter from the Body Shop using a Groupon awhile ago and since I was running low on lotion I decided to use this. I loved that it was light and not greasy at all. Sometimes I have found body butters to be really thick and greasy - but not this one. With the weather finally getting warmer this may be a nice summer moisturizer for me.   

Hubby and I ended the night watching another episode of Scandal from the dvr. That show is so daggone good!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My heart breaks once again. This time for all of the people in Oklahoma that have been affected by the tornado that hit. At least 51 people have been killed including 20 children. Two elementary schools were hit. One was leveled. I can't imagine the terror the parents felt knowing that their children were in those school. Once again I read about the bravery of the teachers that  put themselves in harms way to protect their students. Reading the news stories brings tears to my eyes. So much devastation in this world - natural and man made. When will we get a break?

Hubby and I had a quiet evening. We had our own little happy hour outside on our back patio. When I got home from work he had a plate of cheese, crackers and turkey pepperoni waiting and a Bud Light Lime. We talked and caught up for a couple of hours before we went inside for dinner.

We ate leftovers and started watching some of the 22 episodes of the tv show "Scandal" in the dvr. I have the whole season recorded and have waited for hubby to get back from deployment so we could watch the whole season together. We watched 2 episodes and I must say I can see what all the hype us about. It's a fast-moving interesting show. Hopefully we get two more episodes in tonight.

Yesterday's workout was a lunchtime treadmill run. I did a 2 minute warm-up walk and then ran (with 2 one-minute walk breaks) the next 30 minutes.

2 1/2 miles in 32 minutes - not too shabby for me. I'm hoping to get in that 3.1 miles during my lunchtime break before the summer is over! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend fun

Saturday afternoon I pulled out one of the expired Groupons I had for Monster Mini Golf. The original deal was for Four Rounds of Mini Golf at a glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf place. The deal had expired so the face value I was entitled to was the paid value of $18. They ended up giving me the full value of the Groupon because they said they had been closed when the Groupon was first issued. We ended up getting to play for free for all four of us! Maybe I'll get lucky and have that same type of luck with some of my other expired Groupons and Living Socials. 

The 18th Hole. Kinda scary huh?

Afterwards we went to lunch at Houlihan's. One of them just opened near my house and I really wanted to go but the one we went to was closer to the mini golf place. We started with the chicken nachos which were soooooo good - or I was just really hungry. I had a Bud Light Lime with mine and then ordered a bacon cheeseburger. I had filled up so much on the appetizer I was barely even able to finish my burger. 

The kids are ordering off of the adult menu now but barely able to finish half their food. Hubby offered to pay. Geesh - lunch for 4 was about $85 BEFORE the tip. These kids are going to need to get jobs soon! lol

After lunch we went over to the base for some bowling. They have a special for 2 1/2 hours of bowling, shoe rental and a pitcher of soda for $40! We got through 3 games of bowling in those 2 1/2 hours but boy were my legs and arm hurting by the time we were finished. 

Sunday morning I sorted through stacks and stacks of paper - shredding and filing. I did laundry and went to the grocery store. I even attempted to do a Turbo Fire workout. The one I chose I was not a fan of. I figured since my legs were still sore from my race Saturday I would do the Core 20 and Stretch 40 classes. 

The Core 20 was a yawn-fest to me. It was Core work with a band and half the time I was having problems getting the band wrapped around my foot tight enough to add resistance. The next time Core 20 comes up in my exercise rotation I'm going to sub out a Pilates or Fitness Blender Ab workout. The Stretch 40 workout was basically yoga. By the time I started it I really wasn't motivated or in the mood to workout as my head was already working out the details for Sunday dinner. I don't think the Stretch 40 was a BAD workout, I just think I wasn't in the right mindset. I only ended up doing about 10 minutes of it. 

Since the kids were staying with us an extra night instead of being dropped off at their dad's - I made a big (almost) traditional type dinner while hubby and the kids were outside playing with hubby's race car that he brought back with him from his deployment. 

I baked some cheddar garlic biscuits (from a package), scalloped potatoes (from another package) and warmed up some Jennie-O Turkey Ham and microwaved some veggies. It was actually a really good dinner! 

After dinner we caught up on "The Voice" from the dvr while I flat-ironed my daughter's hair. After the kiddos went to bed hubby and I watched the last hour of the Billboard Music Awards. I was waiting to see my man Prince perform and of course he was the very last performance. I can't believe he is 54 years old!

It was a great, family-oriented, relaxing and fun weekend all in one. I'm excited that I only have 3 days of work to get through this week and then I get a nice long 5 day weekend!   

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back on track Friday

I managed to semi get back on track yesterday. I packed all my food for work and at lunchtime I went to the gym and walked random hills on the treadmill.

Unfortunately my eating was still off. I was "helping" to clean out the office refrigerator and helped myself to a big piece of leftover chocolate cake before we threw it out.

When I got home from work I had a couple of donut holes before my daughter's soccer game. 

After the soccer game - dinner was a hodge podge of less than healthy leftover items from the refrigerator - pizza, macaroni salad, alfredo... Must.Work.On.Food.  

LOVE seeing my son reading.
We picked this up on the way home - end of year required reading.

This morning was my second Ft. Meade Running Series 5K race. I was very nervous going into it since I had only worked out once in the past week and that was only a walk - not even a run.  

I started off pretty good. I told myself I wouldn't walk until I hit the water station. I thought that it was going to be at the 1 1/2 mile mark. I was wrong - it was at the 2 mile mark. I drank a little water and walked for a bit. I ended up walking 3 short times in the race. At the 33 minute mark I just had a straight away left. I pushed myself. I felt so sick. I overdid it and at 35 minutes I didn't know if I would be able to keep running or if I was going to throw up. Well - I ended up NOT throwing up AND continuing to run (slowly) and finished in 36:11! I took more than 30 seconds off of my time from last month! 

My next scheduled 5K is next SUNDAY. In Baltimore. It's a race I ran last year. The MCVET 5K. Last year's time was 37:36. This year I want to be in the 35 minute range!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting back in routine

This has been an "off" week as far as my normal routine goes with hubby being back this week.

I haven't worked out in a week and I feel awful about it. 

  • Last Friday was a scheduled rest day.
  • Saturday I didn't feel well and didn't workout.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and my daughter had a soccer game. I also was in cleaning mode the first part of that day. 
  • Monday I was off to meet and greet hubby when he arrived back from deployment. 
  • Tuesday I was off of work so we could hang out together for the day and I just didn't force myself to workout. 
  • Wednesday the gym at work was closed and then I wasn't supposed to have the kids but the ex-husband pulled a last minute switcheroo with me so I ended up having my son while my daughter was at soccer practice. I ended up dragging him and hubby to packet pick-up with me and I skipped my planned run around the track there since I had them with me. Instead I got talked into picking up dinner and I made a terrible choice - ziti.
  • Thursday was my boss' birthday so we had an office lunch at his favorite Italian restaurant. I did a little better with food there - I even split a grilled salmon lunch with my co-worker but I did miss another lunchtime workout because of the luncheon. After work I picked up the kids, trudged off to the library to find a reading book for my son at the last minute and then got home to a HOT house - it was 80 degrees in there! Hubby was there with the windows open but it was just too hot for me to even think about doing a dvd workout and then I got hot and cranky and didn't feel like even going for an outdoor run. So I ate. And even ate ice cream.
That brings me to today. I couldn't wake up this morning to get in a dvd workout. I just hit the snooze for an hour instead - every 9 minutes. I did pack and bring my gym bag to work to FORCE myself to get on the treadmill at lunch for at LEAST a fast walk. My second 5K at Ft Meade is tomorrow morning and I am dreading it. My fear is that I'm going to be even slower than last month's 5K and that would be depressing but it would be what I deserve. 

Over the course of this past week I've totally let my eating and exercising slip and I feel terrible about it. I took the scale out of the bathroom last night before I went to bed so I wouldn't keep getting on it and seeing the damage that I've done. As of yesterday morning I had put on 2 lbs since Monday morning.

My goal starting today is to go back to making better food choices again and to track every single item I eat in MyFitness Pal. I also plan to do some sort of workout every day beginning today until next Thursday - even if it's just a stretching or Pilates dvd.

I'm off next Thursday through Monday for an extra long (5 day) Memorial Day Weekend. Before I go into that weekend I will set myself up with a short survival guide plan to balance out having fun and not overindulging while still getting in some workouts.

I have really fallen behind on the Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Here was yesterday's:

#fmsphotoaday - May 16 - Mailbox


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Woo-hoo - hubby is FINALLY back!!!

It was a long final weekend without him but I got through it and now we can plan and do all sorts of fun couple-y things together again!

Friday morning I treated myself to a Starbucks skinny latte. 

Friday night I treated myself to some Grey Goose and Diet Cranberry. I tried to be so good about measuring out the alcohol that I consumed so I could account for it on MyFitness Pal. I actually used a shot glass as I mixed each drink.

I got to blabbing on the phone with my best friend and then my mom and the next thing I knew it was late and I needed to eat. I heated up a VitaPizza which wasn't that great or that filling so I proceeded to scarf down some Tostitos scoops with cheese and salsa before I made my way to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up with grand plans to accomplish all this stuff in preparation's for hubby's return. 

But my stomach had other plans for me though. I ended up hanging around the house until 2 to make sure my stomach was being agreeable and then I ran some of my errands before my nail appointment. Saturday night I spent hours on the phone catching up with another one of my girlfriends.

Sunday - Mother's Day - I was up bright and early to tackle the cleaning items on the list. I even got in an extra hour of cleaning because the ex-husband dropped the kids off AN HOUR LATE for Mother's Day (insert sarcasm and any expletives you may want - I used them all in my head). 

When the kids finally got home to me I took them to The Green Turtle for my Mother's Day lunch.  I drank 2 glasses of wine and ate half a barbecue chicken flat bread pizza and then brought the other half of the pizza home for dinner. 



The ex sent the kids over with Mother's Day cards but no present but that's okay because my fabulous husband had already sent me a Mother's Day present earlier in the week. How cool and nice is this? Now I suppose I should start running outside more often.

Sunday evening my daughter had a soccer game (yes - on Mother's Day) at 5:30. Thankfully the kids didn't have any homework so when we got home we were able to just relax and watch the Season Finale of The Amazing Race off of the dvr. I was happy with who won.

Monday morning I got the kids up and off to school then I came back home and did some last minute preparations before hubby's arrival. I made the drive up to the base and waited for his arrival with my mother in law. At long last he was finally, really here! We got to catch-up, talking for hours and telling our stories and then we went to dinner and the casino.

Tuesday we went and upgraded our phones from the Droids to the iPhones so now I'm on a little learning curve and have no pictures to share from Monday or Tuesday.

Today I am back at work. The gym is closed so I figured I'd use the time to update my blog. 

Tonight hubby and I are supposed to go pick up my packet for my 5K on Saturday and then go for a run. I haven't worked out in 5 days. I hope my time isn't SLOWER for this Saturday's 5K than my last 5K last month. THAT would stink!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's hodge podge

I started reading a new book this week on the metro on the way into work. I have been going through books like crazy with hubby away on deployment. I haven't read any of my usual suspense/drama/mysteries though while he has been away because I am a big scaredy cat and I don't want to freak myself out at night. So I've been sticking to these silly chick lit romantic type comedy books. The last two I have read have been awful with predictable story lines and terrible writing. I have higher hopes for this one. The 1st chapter alone was funny and held my attention which is always a good sign. I usually always torment myself by forcing myself to finish books I know aren't going to be very good just so I can know how the story ends. This year so far I've read 12 books and the goal I had set for myself on Goodreads was 13! I guess I should up my goal.

Hissy Fit

Tuesday's lunchtime workout was two YouTube Fitness Blender workouts. The Upper Body Functional Strength Training Workout was a pretty good workout once I got myself set up and figured out how to go from move-to-move while I was in the gym. I hate the fact that I really don't burn many calories when I'm doing strength training workouts. The first video took me 34 minutes and I only burned 86 calories. The second workout was just some stretching. That one was 11 minutes and burned a whopping 16 calories. So basically I earned myself an extra measly 102 calories to add to the already low amount of calories I consume on a daily basis (which is 1,200). Needless to say I went over my calories on MyFitness Pal for the day.   

#fmsphotoaday - May - 7 - Something Beginning With F (Fitness Blender) 

After work Tuesday I had stopped at the store to do my grocery shopping. I picked up two of the Vitalicious VitaPizzas I had read about on Hungry Girl

I decided to have on for dinner since it was later than usual for my dinner and this seemed like a quick option. All I can say is ewwwww.... it was not good at all. It tasted like any other frozen "healthy" pizza. I think in the future if I want pizza I'll just eat pizza. There's no sense in trying to save myself some calories by eating something nasty. Now I'm stuck with one more of these in my freezer. 

Doesn't look too appetizing does it?

For Wednesday's lunchtime workout I hopped on the treadmill for a run. I started with a 3 minute warm-up walk, ran 20 minutes straight, took a 1 minute walk break and then ran the last 6 minutes. One day I'll be able to run the whole 30 minutes without walking. Friday's goal will be to complete 2.5 miles during the 30 minutes.

And then later that evening - because I was procrastinating on the cleaning I want to get done before hubby gets home - I decided to do a 2nd workout. I did the TurboFire HIIT 20 class which was decent. I couldn't fully complete a few of the sequences but not because I was lost as in the Fire 55 and Fire 45 dvds but because I couldn't move fast enough to keep up. This is one I'll keep in the rotation though and I'm sure I'll get better at it. Since the workout was only 20 minutes I went ahead and did a You Tube Fitness Blender HIIT workout too. This one says it's for beginner's in the title but it still got my heart pumping. The only thing beginner about it was that the moves are some basic cardio moves like jumping jacks but the intensity is still there. I was a sweaty mess by the time it was done.

By the time I finished my workouts it was late so I threw together a protein smoothie to tide me over while I was making myself a light dinner, packing my food for work the next day and preparing dinner for my dinner night with the kids on Thursday night. 

I put the items below along with some ice cubes in my Magic Bullet and ended up with a huge protein shake. I wasn't even hungry for dinner by the time I finished it. The bananas are in a baggy because when they start to go bad I slice them up and store them in the freezer for smoothies.

And woo-hoo - my new passport came - I had to change the name on my passport to my married name! I am officially ready for our vacation in July now. Hurry up July!!

This morning's weigh-in provided a little good news. I was down .4 lbs - at least it wasn't up! It really is a shame that I've now lost 8 lbs since hubby has been away and my tracker is showing that I've only lost 1 lb since I gained so much weight over the past year.

One of my co-workers that comes to the gym with me occasionally mentioned the other day in the locker room how much smaller I look. I can't wait for hubby to see the difference!

I follow a lot of miscellaneous blogs to pick up new ideas on various things and this caught my eye on the Healthy Living Blogs website. How cool is this? It's a free website called OhLife  and it helps you to keep an on-line journal. I signed up and I'm going to give it a try. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sad news, good news

First thing first since I'm covering two days with this post - FatMumSlim Photo-A-Day
#fmsphotoaday - Day 4 - In My Cup - Coffee

Sunday morning was emotional for me. Hubby FaceTimed me to let me know that their return from deployment was being delayed yet again! There were tears on my part I admit and hubby was just as upset. It stinks but it's our reality.

I got myself together and did some laundry and had the kids start on their homework. My daughter had a soccer game in the early afternoon. She scored 2 goals but they still lost 2-5. 

Here I am at the soccer field putting on my happy face.

After the game we went back to our favorite frozen yogurt place. I just had a small portion - didn't want to ruin my appetite for lunch. Then we walked over to Wegmans and grabbed lunch from the hot bar. I definitely didn't keep it healthy but it was going to be my lunch/dinner combined for the day. My food weighed in at less than a pound on their scale which is probably a good thing. See - there's even some veggies in there in the corner. The potato salad was dry - not very good at all. 

After I dropped the kids at their dad's that evening I had my own little pity party since I was sad hubby wasn't coming home. I had 2 1/2 beers and took my sad self to bed. 

But not before I wrapped up my mom's Mother's Day gift to mail to her.

#fmsphotoaday - Day 5 - Paper

Monday was a pretty uneventful day at work. There were quite a few people out of the office so I did a shorter than usual workout so I could get back up to my desk in case I was needed. My stupid phone is on it's last leg and didn't capture the treadmill pic I normally try to take after a workout. I did running intervals and took my speed up a little bit higher than usual. Usually I burn over 300 calories at lunch when I run but this was close enough.

After work I went to the UPS store to ship my mom's box to her. $49 freaking dollars to send a package! Never again! The contents didn't even cost that much! Last year I sent flowers to her office the Friday before Mother's Day but she didn't go to work that day so this year I thought I would hand-pick a gift out and mail it with cards from me and the kids. Next year I'll seriously be ordering something right off of the internet and having it gift wrapped and shipped all in one click of the mouse.

After the UPS store adventure I wandered over to Loft - my favorite women's clothing store of all time! I hadn't really treated myself to a big spree from there in awhile so I headed straight back to the sale section and started loading up my arms. I ended up buying four dresses (all in a size small!!!), a jacket and two lightweight sweaters. I was really impressed and happy with the way the clothes fit me. I may not have lost a lot of weight but I can definitely tell I am shaping up nicely. I actually looked skinny in my own eyes which is a major feat for me since I'm usually so hard on myself! 

Once I got home I did have a little buyer's remorse about the amount of money I had spent and emailed that to hubby in my nightly email to him but he told me I should keep everything since I don't often. splurge on myself like that. And he's right. PLUS everything was on sale. One of the dresses I bought was $9.88 originally $69!

For dinner I made myself a quick egg salad sandwich. I really do need to get to the grocery store.  And then I vegged out in front of the tv and on the laptop instead of tackling the mile long to-do list I have. I'll pay for that the rest of the week as I rearrange the "things to-do before hubby gets home" list.

#fmsphotoaday - Day 6 - Broken
My egg broke WHILE it was being boiled!