Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sad news, good news

First thing first since I'm covering two days with this post - FatMumSlim Photo-A-Day
#fmsphotoaday - Day 4 - In My Cup - Coffee

Sunday morning was emotional for me. Hubby FaceTimed me to let me know that their return from deployment was being delayed yet again! There were tears on my part I admit and hubby was just as upset. It stinks but it's our reality.

I got myself together and did some laundry and had the kids start on their homework. My daughter had a soccer game in the early afternoon. She scored 2 goals but they still lost 2-5. 

Here I am at the soccer field putting on my happy face.

After the game we went back to our favorite frozen yogurt place. I just had a small portion - didn't want to ruin my appetite for lunch. Then we walked over to Wegmans and grabbed lunch from the hot bar. I definitely didn't keep it healthy but it was going to be my lunch/dinner combined for the day. My food weighed in at less than a pound on their scale which is probably a good thing. See - there's even some veggies in there in the corner. The potato salad was dry - not very good at all. 

After I dropped the kids at their dad's that evening I had my own little pity party since I was sad hubby wasn't coming home. I had 2 1/2 beers and took my sad self to bed. 

But not before I wrapped up my mom's Mother's Day gift to mail to her.

#fmsphotoaday - Day 5 - Paper

Monday was a pretty uneventful day at work. There were quite a few people out of the office so I did a shorter than usual workout so I could get back up to my desk in case I was needed. My stupid phone is on it's last leg and didn't capture the treadmill pic I normally try to take after a workout. I did running intervals and took my speed up a little bit higher than usual. Usually I burn over 300 calories at lunch when I run but this was close enough.

After work I went to the UPS store to ship my mom's box to her. $49 freaking dollars to send a package! Never again! The contents didn't even cost that much! Last year I sent flowers to her office the Friday before Mother's Day but she didn't go to work that day so this year I thought I would hand-pick a gift out and mail it with cards from me and the kids. Next year I'll seriously be ordering something right off of the internet and having it gift wrapped and shipped all in one click of the mouse.

After the UPS store adventure I wandered over to Loft - my favorite women's clothing store of all time! I hadn't really treated myself to a big spree from there in awhile so I headed straight back to the sale section and started loading up my arms. I ended up buying four dresses (all in a size small!!!), a jacket and two lightweight sweaters. I was really impressed and happy with the way the clothes fit me. I may not have lost a lot of weight but I can definitely tell I am shaping up nicely. I actually looked skinny in my own eyes which is a major feat for me since I'm usually so hard on myself! 

Once I got home I did have a little buyer's remorse about the amount of money I had spent and emailed that to hubby in my nightly email to him but he told me I should keep everything since I don't often. splurge on myself like that. And he's right. PLUS everything was on sale. One of the dresses I bought was $9.88 originally $69!

For dinner I made myself a quick egg salad sandwich. I really do need to get to the grocery store.  And then I vegged out in front of the tv and on the laptop instead of tackling the mile long to-do list I have. I'll pay for that the rest of the week as I rearrange the "things to-do before hubby gets home" list.

#fmsphotoaday - Day 6 - Broken
My egg broke WHILE it was being boiled!

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