Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting back in routine

This has been an "off" week as far as my normal routine goes with hubby being back this week.

I haven't worked out in a week and I feel awful about it. 

  • Last Friday was a scheduled rest day.
  • Saturday I didn't feel well and didn't workout.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and my daughter had a soccer game. I also was in cleaning mode the first part of that day. 
  • Monday I was off to meet and greet hubby when he arrived back from deployment. 
  • Tuesday I was off of work so we could hang out together for the day and I just didn't force myself to workout. 
  • Wednesday the gym at work was closed and then I wasn't supposed to have the kids but the ex-husband pulled a last minute switcheroo with me so I ended up having my son while my daughter was at soccer practice. I ended up dragging him and hubby to packet pick-up with me and I skipped my planned run around the track there since I had them with me. Instead I got talked into picking up dinner and I made a terrible choice - ziti.
  • Thursday was my boss' birthday so we had an office lunch at his favorite Italian restaurant. I did a little better with food there - I even split a grilled salmon lunch with my co-worker but I did miss another lunchtime workout because of the luncheon. After work I picked up the kids, trudged off to the library to find a reading book for my son at the last minute and then got home to a HOT house - it was 80 degrees in there! Hubby was there with the windows open but it was just too hot for me to even think about doing a dvd workout and then I got hot and cranky and didn't feel like even going for an outdoor run. So I ate. And even ate ice cream.
That brings me to today. I couldn't wake up this morning to get in a dvd workout. I just hit the snooze for an hour instead - every 9 minutes. I did pack and bring my gym bag to work to FORCE myself to get on the treadmill at lunch for at LEAST a fast walk. My second 5K at Ft Meade is tomorrow morning and I am dreading it. My fear is that I'm going to be even slower than last month's 5K and that would be depressing but it would be what I deserve. 

Over the course of this past week I've totally let my eating and exercising slip and I feel terrible about it. I took the scale out of the bathroom last night before I went to bed so I wouldn't keep getting on it and seeing the damage that I've done. As of yesterday morning I had put on 2 lbs since Monday morning.

My goal starting today is to go back to making better food choices again and to track every single item I eat in MyFitness Pal. I also plan to do some sort of workout every day beginning today until next Thursday - even if it's just a stretching or Pilates dvd.

I'm off next Thursday through Monday for an extra long (5 day) Memorial Day Weekend. Before I go into that weekend I will set myself up with a short survival guide plan to balance out having fun and not overindulging while still getting in some workouts.

I have really fallen behind on the Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Here was yesterday's:

#fmsphotoaday - May 16 - Mailbox


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