Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May Day

Yay! Yesterday was the 1st of May and it FINALLY stopped raining after two days of it! Yippee!! Unfortunately it's still not that warm so it's still sweater, socks and closed toe shoes weather. I really cannot wait to be able to shed these coats and enjoy some real Spring weather!

Yesterday's lunchtime workout was a treadmill run consisting of a 3 minute warm up walk and then I ran for the next 22 minutes straight. I stopped at the 25 minute mark for a 1 minute walk and then ran the last 4 minutes before my cool down. But I did what I set out to do - which was to only stop ONCE to walk during my run!

When I got back to my desk my friend who also happens to be my co-worker and boss (we met at a different job before she became my boss at this job) had sent me an email requesting I go to lunch with her. She knew that I had already taken my lunch break to go to the gym but this was her taking me to lunch to discuss some work stuff that she wanted to discuss away from the office related to some things that are going on. 

We went to lunch at a restaurant next door to our office building called Blackfinn. I haven't been there too many times since we just moved into this office in October but everything looked so good on the menu. I didn't want to totally ruin the workout I had just done by overeating and I knew that Thursday morning was weigh-in day and I was already weighing the lowest I've been in almost a year so I scanned the menu for the healthiest choice I could find. I settled on a salad. This one to be exact:

My friend/boss was having wine so I had a glass of Riesling too.

Hubby messaged me and told me that his arrival date next week was probably going to be delayed at least 3 days which totally sucks. Big time. I had already requested the 3 days off that we thought he'd be home and now we don't even know definitely when his return date is. The kids are with their dad next week so from a selfish point of view it would be ideal for him to come home next week so we can have some alone time before the kids come back but my feeling is he'll be back the week the kids come back. We'll work it out no matter what day he comes back though. I just wish he'd get back. Soon!!

In the afternoon one of my friends messaged me about Fitness Blender. She had seen on instagram that I had been doing some of their workouts and asked if I had heard about their 8 Week Fat Loss Program. I had seen it mentioned on their YouTube and FaceBook pages but I didn't know much about it. She signed up for it and right now they're running a special until May 14th that you can pick what you pay for the program. How awesome is that? Especially for an eight-week program! Of course with my short attention span I will definitely be looking more into that to add to my workouts.

Wednesday is usually soccer practice for my daughter but she called and pleaded with me asking if she could miss this practice. She really didn't want to play soccer this year but her dad is forcing her to and she's too scared to tell him otherwise so she grudgingly plays. I asked her if it was okay with her dad to miss practice and she said yes so I told her we'd go out for frozen yogurt instead since it was such a beautiful day and the sun was finally out. My son had finished all of his homework fortunately by the time I got off work (yay - no math!) so off to the frozen yogurt place we went. BEFORE dinner because yes - I can be a cool mom every once in awhile.

The thing about frozen yogurt is that yes it is low calorie for most of the frozen yogurt flavors and they even have the calorie count listed per ounce for each flavor. But after adding toppings how do you know how many ounces of actual frozen yogurt you're consuming? My frozen yogurt bowl weighed in at 12 ounces but I did have some heavy fruit on top - sliced strawberries and kiwi (okay - in addition to some peanuts and crumbled Reese's peanut butter cup). What I should do is the next time I'm done filling my cup with the frozen yogurt I should take my cup up to the scale to see if I can weigh JUST my yogurt for calorie counting purposes before I add my toppings.

I ate a VERY light, snacky dinner when I got home while I prepared dinner for the kids and made their sandwiches for their lunches and then cleaned the kitchen. I wasn't too hungry after our frozen yogurt treat plus I was being very calorie conscious because it was the night before my official weigh-in. Those results will be posted tomorrow!

And in keeping with my Photo-A-Day streak here is my 3rd day in a row!!

#fmsphotaday May 1 - I bought this

Both the Mega Millions and the Power Ball lotteries are near or over $100 million so I bought 5 tickets of each on the way home last night. You can't win if you don't play! I already checked my Power Ball ticket and I didn't win last night. Come on Mega Millions on Friday!!

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