Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Woo-hoo - hubby is FINALLY back!!!

It was a long final weekend without him but I got through it and now we can plan and do all sorts of fun couple-y things together again!

Friday morning I treated myself to a Starbucks skinny latte. 

Friday night I treated myself to some Grey Goose and Diet Cranberry. I tried to be so good about measuring out the alcohol that I consumed so I could account for it on MyFitness Pal. I actually used a shot glass as I mixed each drink.

I got to blabbing on the phone with my best friend and then my mom and the next thing I knew it was late and I needed to eat. I heated up a VitaPizza which wasn't that great or that filling so I proceeded to scarf down some Tostitos scoops with cheese and salsa before I made my way to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up with grand plans to accomplish all this stuff in preparation's for hubby's return. 

But my stomach had other plans for me though. I ended up hanging around the house until 2 to make sure my stomach was being agreeable and then I ran some of my errands before my nail appointment. Saturday night I spent hours on the phone catching up with another one of my girlfriends.

Sunday - Mother's Day - I was up bright and early to tackle the cleaning items on the list. I even got in an extra hour of cleaning because the ex-husband dropped the kids off AN HOUR LATE for Mother's Day (insert sarcasm and any expletives you may want - I used them all in my head). 

When the kids finally got home to me I took them to The Green Turtle for my Mother's Day lunch.  I drank 2 glasses of wine and ate half a barbecue chicken flat bread pizza and then brought the other half of the pizza home for dinner. 



The ex sent the kids over with Mother's Day cards but no present but that's okay because my fabulous husband had already sent me a Mother's Day present earlier in the week. How cool and nice is this? Now I suppose I should start running outside more often.

Sunday evening my daughter had a soccer game (yes - on Mother's Day) at 5:30. Thankfully the kids didn't have any homework so when we got home we were able to just relax and watch the Season Finale of The Amazing Race off of the dvr. I was happy with who won.

Monday morning I got the kids up and off to school then I came back home and did some last minute preparations before hubby's arrival. I made the drive up to the base and waited for his arrival with my mother in law. At long last he was finally, really here! We got to catch-up, talking for hours and telling our stories and then we went to dinner and the casino.

Tuesday we went and upgraded our phones from the Droids to the iPhones so now I'm on a little learning curve and have no pictures to share from Monday or Tuesday.

Today I am back at work. The gym is closed so I figured I'd use the time to update my blog. 

Tonight hubby and I are supposed to go pick up my packet for my 5K on Saturday and then go for a run. I haven't worked out in 5 days. I hope my time isn't SLOWER for this Saturday's 5K than my last 5K last month. THAT would stink!

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