Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Another Day

Yesterday morning at work my co-worker called me in tears. She was downstairs in front of our building and had just been hit in her car by a delivery truck driver.

I went downstairs to help however I could. I ended up waiting with her for almost 2 hours for DC police to show up to take the report. The other driver and my friend had both called the non-emergency police line and were told an officer would be dispatched. At one point my friend even walked a couple of blocks looking for a policeman. She found 2 walking in the close by park but they wouldn't come assist. They told her that wasn't something they do and that they should just exchange information among themselves. Fortunately a policeman happened to drive down the street and wrote up a report and cited the other driver.  

The worst part is my friend still has temp tags on her car. The car isn't even 60 days old.

Because I had spent so much time outside with my friend my whole eating schedule got out of whack so I wasn't able to workout at my normal time because I hadn't eaten in time.

When I got home from work I was supposed to go for a run with hubby but I really didn't feel like it. He convinced me to just go for a walk. We messed around trying to get my Garmin working for awhile before we left but we couldn't get it working. Instead I just used my regular Polar Heart Rate Monitor and the Map My Run App on my iphone. After walking for a few minutes I broke into a little jog. I proceeded to do walk/jog intervals the whole time. My app came up with going 3.25 miles - hubby's watch came up with 2.99. I like my mileage better. PLUS he was running in the street and I was running on the sidewalks so in my mind I ran a little further since I was on the outskirts.

Afterwards we came home and I started dinner while hubby was in the shower. We had defrosted some tilapia I had in the freezer from BJs. I dipped the tilapia in a bowl of one egg and one egg white. Then I dredged it through a mixture of Panko bread crumbs and McCormick' Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb Seasoning. 

While the fish was baking I went to take my shower and hubby finished making the rest of our dinner. I LOVE when we tag team like that.

After my shower I tried out a "new-to-me" product instead of my usual Curel lotion. I had bought this Body Butter from the Body Shop using a Groupon awhile ago and since I was running low on lotion I decided to use this. I loved that it was light and not greasy at all. Sometimes I have found body butters to be really thick and greasy - but not this one. With the weather finally getting warmer this may be a nice summer moisturizer for me.   

Hubby and I ended the night watching another episode of Scandal from the dvr. That show is so daggone good!

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