Friday, May 3, 2013

Keeping It Up

Thursday morning is my "official" weigh-in day that I use to record on MyFitness Pal. But honestly I do step on the scale every morning - it's a habit I can't seem to break. The two days prior to this weigh-in my weight had been down so I was doing everything in my power to try to keep it at that number so I could record a good weigh-in - and it worked! I recorded enough of a loss that I am now FINALLY below my starting MyFitness Pal weight. So even though I have lost 8 lbs while hubby has been deployed, MyFitness Pal is only counting a .6 lb loss since I've always been above my starting weight. Bummer.

Since I started using MyFitness Pal a year ago the weight has slowly been creeping up and then down on me. I'm sure it was a few factors that caused it - not tracking food religiously, not exercising consistently, wedding planning followed by a wedding, honeymoon and living my newlywed life. 

Now I've proven to myself that I CAN lose the weight. The next step will be to prove to myself that I can continue to lose the weight when hubby gets back from deployment next week.

Yesterday's lunchtime workout was a good one from my YouTube Fitness Blender Channel.  

This is what it consisted of:

Workout Structure

3 Minute Cardio Warm Up

14 Minute Tabata Workout 

–Two rounds through for 28 minutes total

Printable Routine: 

Cardio Warm Up – 30 Seconds apiece
Jogging in Place
Jumping Jacks
Pendulum Swings
Lateral Jumps
Up & Out Jacks

Tabata Workout
• 20 Seconds Active
• 10 Seconds Rest
• 4 Times for each Exercise
• 2 Rounds Total

Pulse Lunges on each leg
Plank Tucks + Extensions 
Side Lunges + Jumps 
Flutterkick Pulse Squats 
Bridge Kicks 
Jack Squats 

It was a darn good workout and I'll definitely do this one again. This is the 1st time I've ever actually just purposely worked my lower body but it still made my heart pump and I was sweating all over the place. Definitely the signs of a good workout in my book!

In the afternoon I signed hubby and I up for a 5K in Baltimore over Memorial Day weekend. We ran this race last year so I'm excited to run it again this year to compare my times. It's cool that it is through the streets of Baltimore and the money raised goes to help our veterans with education and training. Here's the link on the race. 

And looky looky - my FOURTH day in a row keeping up with the Photo-A-Day Challenge!

#fmsphotoaday May 2 - Morning Ritual (isn't he handsome?)

My morning ritual is to check in on my Social Media for a few minutes in bed before I get up. I check to see if hubby has emailed or messaged me, I look to see if I have new alerts on Facebook or Instagram and then I check the Weather Channel. I don't scroll through FB or IG until I get on the metro or I'd definitely be late for work every.single.morning.

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