Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yay for May!

Today is May 1st so that means hubby will officially be home from deployment THIS MONTH - next week sometime as a matter of fact. I have an expected arrival date but yesterday he emailed me that the planes coming in to relieve him and his crew were broken so he was still waiting to get an update if that was going to change his return date.

For yesterday's lunchtime workout I wanted to focus on my arms. After that TaeBo workout on Sunday with the amplifier bar that almost killed me I knew I needed to start incorporating more arms workouts. I did this one off of Fitness Blender's You Tube site.   

It was short (less than 30 minutes) and effective and my arms are definitely feeling it this morning. 

When I got home from work this little love note was in the mailbox waiting for me:

Yep - sure did get a speeding ticket trying to get my daughter to soccer practice on time two weeks ago - in hubby's car! Oops! I obviously didn't know there was a speed camera on that road and now I'm worried that there may be more tickets coming in the mail too. Since the date of this ticket I think I've been down that road 3 more times!! And this one ticket was $40. Yikes! So you know on the way to soccer practice today mama will be driving slow - no matter how late we're running!

Last night was a late night of math homework with my son. Even though he had an A in math last quarter it's still a struggle for him to "get" the math subject the way it is taught in class so I find myself having to Google the subject to refresh myself on the topic and then explain it to him. The good thing is that once he "gets" it though - he really gets it.

Unfortunately the kids got to bed a little late due to that math homework and then I always like to have my unwinding time once they go to bed - so I was up later than usual too. 

I've realized I need to stop thinking and planning on trying to get in 2-a-day workouts when the kids are with me. I beat myself up for missing workouts and I need to stop being so hard on myself. I do eat mostly right on my kid weeks because I actually cook meals more often. Plus I do get in my 30 minute lunchtime gym workouts. The early mornings are tough to get in a workout because I need to be done and in the shower no later than 6:10 to have us out of the door as close to 7:05 as possible. 5am workouts and I just have a hard time getting along. Then the other possibility - of an evening workout usually doesn't workout because I'm starving by the time we get home and in a rush to get dinner on the table for the kids and to change out of my work clothes. After we eat there's always lunches to be made, a kitchen to clean and sometimes homework to help with. By the time the kids go to bed around 9:30 mama just wants to lounge in the recliner until bedtime watching my shows and catching up on my social media.

So in an effort to take it a little easier on myself about my workouts - I'm only PLANNING for the lunchtime 30 minute workout on kid weeks. On the week's the kids are at their dad's I will plan for 2-a-day workouts 2-3 times a week.

I'm happy with the weight loss progress I've made while hubby has been deployed and I'm going to make every effort to continue to do so when he is back. It's been a slow process but I know what needs to be done. I can still exercise AND live my life. The weight won't come off as fast, but I'll get there. 

On a final note - here is yesterday's photo for FatMum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge. Yay me - Day #2 in a row under my belt!

April 30 - Glasses #fmsphotoaday

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