Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can't Keep Me Down

Trust me - this blog isn't going to turn into an endless rant about what a jerk my ex-husband is but.... really... he is a jerk.

I had agreed to let the kids spend the night at his house Wednesday night after their track meet since Wednesday is his normal dinner and they weren't able to have dinner. I told him AND the kids at the car that I would be at his house at 1pm the next day to pick them up. Well... of course... they weren't there. He had taken them to the highschool track to practice and only called me at 10 minutes of 1 to let me know. Jackass. That's all I'll say about him. For now.

Anyways, after I picked up the kids (meeting him at a gas station on my way home from his house where they weren't...)

We drove out to Ft Meade to pick up my race packet for Saturday's race.

I was still in a foul mood when I got home so I squeezed in my Runners World Run Streak one mile run in the near-90 degree heat to clear my mind. Since when did I start running outside in the heat? Who am I? Am I really turning into a runner?

If  my Runkeeper app is accurate - that's my fastest pace ever!
Total workout time with warm-up and cool down walks.

After my run I showered and made myself some lunch. I love eating big salads. I just ate all the work involved in making them. In addition to my salad I had a Bagel Thin with a Laughing Cow cream cheese. Those are pretty good and only 35 calories per wedge! I only needed one wedge.

Then the storm came - complete with high winds and rain. Some nearby counties were under a tornado warning.

After the storm blew through the track coach emailed that practice was still on. But we skipped it. The kids didn't feel like going and I didn't feel like driving them there. So we just stayed home. 

After dinner I tried a new treat.

These are really good and don't have that "diet ice cream" taste to them. Now if I could just stick to eating one per sitting.

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