Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Addicted To My One Mile Run

I guess it's true about something becoming a habit after two weeks of doing it - or maybe it's the competitiveness inside of me to complete this Runners World Run Streak Challenge - but I have been plotting and planning since last night how I'm going to get today's one-mile run in. I'm already on a shortened work schedule from 8am-noon with school being out for the kids' but this afternoon we're expecting awful, possibly damaging thunderstorms. 

I brought my gym clothes to work on the off chance I leave work at noon and go to the gym in the building right after I leave here and then hop on the metro and pick up the kids from their dad's house in my gym clothes. I've also been keeping a watch on the hourly forecast from The Weather Channel and it looks like there's a 5% chance of precipitation on the 2:00 hour and a 0% chance of precipitation on the 4:00 and 5:00 hour. I sure hope the weather man is right because I'm going to chance the 4-5pm run and go get the kids and head over to Ft Meade to pick up Saturday's race picket. Today is the last day for packet pickup by 8pm.

Here is the latest song I am in love with right now. I love me some Robin Thicke!  This is my summer song!

Tuesday night I had a text battle with the ex-husband while the kids were at track practice. He's a piece of work. Seriously. There's no "better" way that I can say it knowing that one day my kids might find and read this little blog. I can not wait for my kids to turn 18 for the simple fact that I will not personally have to deal with him on their behalf anymore.

Moving on-

When I got home from work yesterday I popped in and did my Turbo Fire dvds. I did the Fire 30 and Sculpt 30 workouts. I must say I'm not a big fan of the Sculpt 30 dvd. It's supposed to be a toning video using a resistance band but I didn't feel like I actually got a real workout from it. I think I'm going to swap out some ChaLean Extreme weight lifting dvds for any future Sculpt 30 workouts. I really want to work on my arms. After the Turbo Fire workouts I went out in the blazing heat and got in my mile run. Unfortunately my darn heart rate monitor fizzled out at some point during my workout so I don't know what my actual calorie burn was.

I got home completely drenched in sweat from running in the heat. Then I took my shower and made up this salad for my lunch.

It has baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, a chopped up string cheese, and a packet of salmon on spinach leaves. Yum! 

Then it was time to head to the kids' track meet. My son hates track and has been complaining about his knees/feet hurting for over a week.  He called and begged his dad to not make him compete in the meet. His dad agreed and my son was beyond happy.

It was a VERY small meet with only one other track team. I thought it was the inside track so I wore jeans and tennis shoes. Wrong move. It was at the OUT DOOR track. In the heat. Can you tell I don't like to be outside for long periods of time in the heat?

My daughter was the only 13-14 year old girl at the meet so she had to race with the boys. She got 1st place ribbons for each of her events since she was the only girl in her age group.  

My son and I went inside to get some air-conditioning and water. Check out this water - KARMA. It was pretty good too.

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