Monday, June 3, 2013

Not Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning started off slow and quiet. I slept in, the kids definitely slept in. Saturday's track meet totally wore them out! 

I used the quiet time to start some laundry, clean out my emails, read some blogs and update my own.

This app caught my attention that I read about on the Evernote blog. It's a scanner that you can use on your ipad or iphone. This could be REALLY cool to use while I'm reading magazines.  To be able to scan recipes or workouts right to my Evernote account as a pdf would be awesome rather than ripping them out of the magazine and having clippings all over the place like I do now. It's $6.99 for the app though. I hardly ever pay for apps. The one app I did pay for - Blogsy - I never even used because I couldn't figure it out. But this scanner app got such great reviews it's definitely intriguing and something I'm keeping in the back of my mind.

Hubby bought this coffee creamer and let me just say - it is DELICIOUS! I always use a measuring spoon to measure out my flavored creamers otherwise I would go a little bit overboard. This one is DEFINITELY worth the calories! 

In the midst of the morning laundry the kids and I made a last minute decision to rush out of the house to go see "Fast and Furious 6". 

I definitely missed a couple of the previous ones but I was able to pretty much catch on to what was going on. It was a fun action-packed movie. My son already looked up and saw that Fast and Furious 7 comes out in July 2014. Cliffhangers - they'll getcha every time! 

After the movie we were hungry and stopped at Mickey D's. My daughter pointed out how much cheaper it is for the 3 of us to eat fast food than it is to eat healthy which is so unfortunate. She also pointed out that we haven't been to a McDonald's in 2013. She remembered she wanted to go on New Years Day but they were closed and then there was one other time I had suggested McDonald's while we were out and about but she had wanted Chipotle instead. So I didn't feel bad at all about this little cheeseburger and small fries indulgence of mine.  

Before I dropped them off at their dad's we ran around town looking for a yellow shirt for my daughter to wear for Field Day on Tuesday. By the time I got home it was storming, it was late, I hadn't seen my husband all weekend because he had stayed in Delaware for work and I was about to just end my Runners World Run Streak. But my fantastic husband encouraged me to just go to the gym and get my mile done on the treadmill. It was 7:15, the gym closed at 8, and that is just what I did. And I'm so glad I did. I'm glad I kept my little streak alive. And I'm even more glad that I married such an encouraging man! I am one lucky lady!

#FMSPhotoADay - June 2 - A Moment - Running on the Treadmill

1 minute warm-up walk, 11 min run, 3 min cool down walk

When I got home from the gym hubby and I relaxed a bit and then he made dinner. He put these Mahi-Mahi burgers (that I had bought awhile back at BJs when I had a membership - now we belong to Sam's Club) on the grill and we ate it with some Annie's Mac N Cheese and corn. I ate mine on a mini potato roll with my own homemade version of tarter sauce - light mayo and dill relish. It was a great dinner and I felt like I kept all my portions in check. 

We also watched one more episode of Scandal. What a great series! 

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