Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up Before THIS Weekend Arrives!

Last Friday when I got home from work at 1:15 in the afternoon the kiddos were still lounging around in their pajamas enjoying their summer break so I went out and sat on the back deck reading my ipad while I waited for them to get dressed and ready so we could head out.

I crammed all of my errands in to that afternoon. Unfortunately the first errand was to their dad's house to pick up my daughter's track uniform for Saturday. I hate always having to drive out of my way to go to his house for things that weren't sent over with them. 

Once we had the uniform we went to Uno's for dinner. I had a coupon for "Buy One Entree Get One Free". Now that the kiddos are ordering off of the adult menu that came in really handy! 

After we ate I had to drop off my son's over due library book and then my dry cleaning.

I hate going to the "grown'up" dry cleaner. I dropped off 5 pieces to the tune of almost $33. Ugh! My old dry cleaner was one of those $1.99 per item places. Too bad almost every 4th or 5th piece of clothing I brought home was permanently ruined by them...

After the dry cleaner we went and played a round of mini golf. I was hanging in there, doing okay against the kids until I got to THIS hole:

For the life of me I couldn't get the ball through that yellow curvy thing. I think I had an 8 on this whole. The kids were quite amused. 

When we got home I made sure I ran my mile for my Run Streak.  

Then I changed out of my sweaty shirt and took the kiddos out for frozen yogurt. None of us were really hungry for dinner since we had eaten lunch/dinner so late in the day.

I did go a little overboard on my toppings.

Saturday morning hubby and I were up bright and early at 6am for our 5K race. I drank half a cup of coffee and had a bagel thin with Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese for breakfast.

Here's a photo of my handsome hubby pre-race: 

The race itself was a brutal one. All of the previous races I had been in at Ft Meade were relatively flat. Not this one. This one had THREE hills that I ended up having to walk up. I allowed myself a one minute walk at each hill and after each one minute had passed I forced myself to start running again. I was frustrated with myself. I did try to sprint the last block of the race to the finish line. Surprisingly I ended up PR'ing! Imagine if I didn't have to walk at all. THAT would have been an even more awesome time!

Hubby got a PR too! Holy smokes look how fast he was - almost 10 minutes faster than me. I was so happy and proud of him! 

When we got home I dropped the kids off at the movies to meet their friend. I had a couple of hours to myself since hubby had gone to the rental house to mow the lawn so I made my own little creation for lunch. 

I made an Annie's pasta - Spirals with Butter & Parmesan. Then I mixed in some cut up chicken drumsticks that I had baked in taco seasoning and a can each of black beans and RoTel tomatoes. The finished product came out pretty good - a little spicy - but still tasty. 

That evening the kids were running in a track meet for the 2nd round of Jr Olympics. They were supposed to report to the field by 4:30. Their event (4 x 100 relay) was at 6:30. I packed up snacks and a small cooler and we were on our way. 

THESE are delicious! My son practically ate the whole bag!

We got to the meet at 4:20. I was irritated that they actually charged parents $5 admission to get in to the track meet. That irritation quickly turned into frustration when I found out the track meet was running an hour behind schedule. Shortly after that news we found out that my son wouldn't even be running at all because he was an alternate and everyone on his relay team had showed up. So we were just there waiting for my daughter's event. And waiting. And waiting. My son was ecstatic because he hates track and his dad is forcing him to do it. So at least he was dressed and there for the meet. They just didn't need him. Not his fault. He tried.

A little after 9pm - yep - almost 5 hours of sitting there on those metal bleachers they announced that the meet was ending for the day and my daughter's event was being pushed back to the next day. Oh boy were parents and coaches angry. A few minutes later someone came to their senses and reversed that decision and announced the girls would be running after all. It was about 9:15 when my daughter finally ran - 3 hours later than scheduled. Track meets are a very time-consuming and frustrating thing to have your kid participate in. They take ALL day to see your own kid run for less than 3 minutes total for all of their events (100m, 200m, and 4 x 100 relays). I'm very grateful the season is a short one. It ends at the end of July. We're about a quarter done!

Sunday morning my run streak continued with a mile and a half run - 3 full weeks of running at least a mile a day! I would have never in the past attempted to run the day after a 5K race. I would have always used that day as a day to rest my legs. It's strange to see myself slowly turning into a runner before my own eyes.

HRM includes warm-up and cool down walks and stretching

The kids' dad wanted the kiddos early on Sunday since it was Father's Day. He asked if he could pick them up at 1. Well he is infamously late with his drop-offs and pick-ups so I volunteered that I would drop them off at his house at 12:30 knowing my hubby was waiting on me so we could drive up to Delaware together to see his parents. If I wouldn't have dropped the kids off who knows how long we would have had to wait for him to pick them up. On Mother's Day he dropped them off to me an hour and a half late for crying out loud! On Mother's Day. Because he's just that kind of guy.

The drive up to Delaware was nice. There wasn't any traffic so we made good time. It was just hubby and me with his parents. His siblings weren't able to make it so we got to catch-up with his parents. They put some turkey burgers and turkey kielbasa on the grill. I like that his mom eats healthy so it's never a challenge to stay on plan when I'm over at their house. Hubby just can't seem to escape the healthy food in his life! 

After dinner hubby and his dad went out front to work on hubby's remote control car. His mom was snapping away pictures with her digital camera so I jumped in with my phone camera and got some pretty good shots!

On the drive home we pulled over so hubby could take a picture of this rainbow. If you look really close you can see that it's actually a double rainbow!

How's this for a flashback photo? One of my Facebook friends posted this picture of me from back in college. Probably 1988. I thought I was so cool back then in those glasses. They weren't even prescription! I had my contacts on too.

Monday I was able to get in a treadmill run during my lunchtime at work. I had set the treadmill on the 5K setting. That was a TOUGH but a good training - it periodically moved the treadmill up and down to simulate hills. I got in a 30 minute run with 2 one minute walks - 2 1/2 miles.

The kids spent the night at their paternal grandparents with their cousins. My daughter sent me this picture of a braid her cousin had done with her hair. I can not for the life of me french braid! 

Since hubby and I hadn't gone grocery shopping over the weekend - hubby made us breakfast for dinner. I had an egg with 2 egg whites, cheese and tomato omelette with 2 slices of turkey bacon and some hash brown potatoes.

We watched another episode of "Scandal" while we ate. Each episode just sucks us in. Hubby and I now refer to it as "Scoundrels" or "Scandalous". 

And on a closing note - look how my waist is shrinking! 

Hubby took this picture to show me what I looked like. I'm always my own worst critic when it comes to looking at myself in the mirror. I swear all I can ever focus on is my trouble spot - my mid-section. This picture helped me realize that my hard work is paying off. Slowly but surely I'm getting to where I want to be. I think the running is definitely helping with my waistline! I can't wait too see how I look when the running streak is over. It officially ends on July 3rd but I plan on extending mine until July 12th - the day before we leave for vacation.

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