Monday, July 29, 2013

The Weekend 07.26 to 07.28

Friday was the last day I had to leave work early on my "revised" kid summer schedule! My stomach still wasn't feeling that great from our Jamaican vacation so I went home and took a nap. 

When I woke up some mom guilt kicked in at not having anything "fun" planned all week with the kids. Battling stomach issues is bad enough but I really always tried to stay close to home when I wasn't at work. But Friday evening I decided to take the kids out to dinner at the restaurant of their choice.

They chose my old favorite: Carrabas 

Hubby passed on dinner out so that he could get the lawn mowed before the weekend since he was starting to feel better. The kiddos and I headed out pretty early and were at dinner by about 5pm. I LOVE not having to wait to be seated on a Friday evening!

I scanned the menu, trying my hardest to find something that would be gentle on my stomach. The kids ordered mozzarella sticks as an appetizer. I ate one. Then my Caesar salad came. In retrospect - not a very smart idea to order a salad when I was still dealing with tummy issues. After the salad my order of spaghetti and meatballs came. I was so full from the salad I was only able to eat one meatball and a few forkfuls of spaghetti.

My daughter ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The plate is just about as big as her! She ate most of the pasta and a few bites of one of the pieces of chicken.

My son ordered the Manicotti which was a more normal size but he still wasn't able to finish his either.

We ended up taking a bunch of food home with us. I ordered hubby a "To-Go" meal as we were finishing up. The grand total for our 4 meals plus tip was $102!!! No WONDER I don't go to Carrabba's much anymore - ESPECIALLY with two teenagers that eat off of the adult menu!

When we got home we watched "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" On Demand. That was a show all four of enjoyed watching and ended up watching two more episodes throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning I felt like my stomach had blown up. It definitely wasn't ready for Carrabba's! I skipped out on my Bootcamp class. I didn't even call. I didn't even feel guilty for not calling. The more I thought about the way class turned out the other day, the more comfortable I am with not going to anymore of the classes. At least it was just a Groupon. It was supposed to be for 10 Bootcamp classes. I paid $19 for it. I got 2 classes out of it. Oh well - I'm moving on...

Saturday I did some lounging and napping - trying to get my stomach settled. The mommy guilt kicked again so we decided to take the kids to Ft Meade for some bowling - AFTER I had to drive them to their dad's house to let them let their dog out since he was out of town and didn't make other arrangements - grrrrrr that man irritates me. REALLY? **I** have to go out of MY way ON A WEEKEND to let out the dog he bought the kids? Ugh!

We only did the one-hour Unlimited Bowling package for $22 for a family of four (which includes shoe rentals). I didn't trust my stomach to be able to handle the normal 2 1/2 hour package we normally get. 

My son had mozzarella sticks, my daughter had chips, I sipped on a Diet Coke because I was getting a headache from not having coffee for two days.

When we got home I ate my leftover Carrabba's spaghetti and meatballs and it actually stayed in!! Minor victory!

Sunday morning I did some meal planning/couponing/grocery list writing... I came upstairs to this:  

Hubby was changing the sheets on our bed in his dreds hat and listening to reggae. He's such a cutie. He makes me smile every day. I'm truly lucky.

At 4:30 the ex-husband sends a text to the kids to ask if I can drop them off at 7:30 rather than 6 because he's stuck in traffic coming back to town. Frustrating.Beyond.Belief. 

I still had to make dinner though for me and hubs. It wasn't going to be ready in time for the kids to be able to eat so I had to heat up some leftovers for them before I dropped them off.

By the time I got home from the drop off - dinner was ready. I didn't take a plated picture but here's a picture of the leftovers in the plastic container. It was delicious! It was chicken breasts cooked individually in foil wraps with red peppers and onions in a spice rub topped with salsa and cheese. We served it with brown rice and have enough for leftovers later this week.    

But right before bed my tummy rebelled against me. I don't know if it was because of the quantity of food I ate or because I added coffee back into my diet earlier in the day. Or maybe it was the Girl Scout cookies my son and I ate. Anyway, I thought my tummy was better, obviously it wasn't so this week I needed to ease foods back into my diet a little slower probably.

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk!!!

It's crazy how life becomes a whirlwind of frenzied activity right before you try to take a vacation.

The week before hubby and I left for Jamaica the kids were with us so I was doing the shortened work schedule since they were in Summer Camp and taking them back and forth to their last week of Track Practice!

Chipotle lunch Tues with the kids

My daughter goofing around with phone on the way to track practice and taking
a picture on my phone of herself taking a picture

When I stopped by Target to get some last minute travel items - I stopped by the Clearance Workout section and picked up some running shorts for myself. I have 2 running skirts that I love but I have yet to run in shorts yet. I figure if I'm going to start my 10K training and have to run in the heat I may as well venture in to the world of running shorts.

This rear window sticker made me laugh. It says 0.0 "I didn't run". I personally can't wait to be able to legitimately sport a 13.1 sticker in my rear window! Hopefully in 2014.

Thursday before vacation I did a little Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme workout. Unfortunately the calorie burn for those 44 minutes sucked. I hate when that happens. It's SO frustrating - especially when I see so many people on InstaGram burning tons of calories in that same amount of time.

Friday morning I went to Bootcamp for the first time! I had to activate a Groupon that was going to expire while we were in Jamaica. It was tough. And it was at 6am on a Friday morning. The day before vacation. But I went. And I got through it. It was almost set up CrossFit style where the owner/instructor partnered us up and we went through a series of stations. I did pretty well with keeping up with the others and I had a much better calorie burn than the previous day. 

Saturday morning bright and early hubby and I were up and out headed to JAMAICA for VACATION!

We spent the week at Secrets Montego Bay to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Unfortunately the day we were supposed to leave Jamaica to fly back home - our flight got cancelled. Air Tran had to accommodate for us the night. They put us up in a not-so-great-to-put-it-nicely hotel. Hubby didn't really have a problem with it he said since he's used to traveling around the world and staying at all sorts of places. I on the other hand, was definitely not used to staying at a place like this. I didn't want to leave our suitcases unzipped in the room and I made hubby check between all the sheets holding a lamp to make sure there weren't any bugs or bedbugs. Pics of the not-so great hotel... 

View from our balcony

Yes - we overlooked the street

Whew - getting ready to head back to the airport!

While on vacation I had a personal victory. I wore bikinis the entire trip. It was first time ever wearing a bikini and I bought enough to last me all week! I worked very hard to get comfortable enough with m body to wear bikinis. I'm I'm good with the progress I've made physically and I can't wait to see my results by next year's vacation!

For whatever reason I wasn't able to post any of my vacation pics on Instagram and when I got back I was STILL having problems. 

I ended up having to delete all the photos off of my iphone and that seemed to work after I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app and changed my password!

We got back from Jamaica LATE Sunday night so I had to ask the ex-husband to keep the kids an extra night for me which totally sucked. I hate having to ask him for anything. For that alone Air Tran should give us additional airline tickets to compensate us for cancelling our original flight home.

I picked the kids up Monday morning and we hung out for the day (I had to take an extra day of vacation from work). 

Tuesday I went back to work and that's when I woke up to the beginning of some noticeable stomach issues.

Wednesday I dragged myself to my 2nd bootcamp class while the kids were at dinner with their dad. (With the Groupon deal I had to pre-register for all of my classes).  

Although I burned a lot of calories at bootcamp it was not a fun experience at all this time. There were only 6 of us there and it felt very clique-ish. The owner/instructor spent the majority of the time talking with three girls that were obviously regulars and/or her friends. At one point I felt she was actually irritated with me because I wasn't lifting the kettle bell correctly. It was as if I was a BOTHER to her that she actually had to come demonstrate the proper technique to me. It was a very tough class - especially since I hadn't worked out in a week and half. I had a hard time keeping up in addition to not feeling very welcome which made it a pretty uncomfortable 45 minutes. I'm not sure if I'll go back to use the remaining Groupon classes I signed up for.

By Thursday evening hubby had brought home some Imodium AD for me to take. Both of us had been struggling with stomach issues since our return from Jamaica. He and his co-workers think it may have been the ice cubes in our drinks at the icky hotel we stayed a night at. We were fine all week at the nice resort we were in but the day after we got back from Jamaica (after a night at that icky hotel) our stomachs have been a mess. 

Although I have been miserable - I AM glad it is me and NOT my kids with this tummy problem. I do hope it was something hubby and I consumed and not something contagious.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to work

Going back to work after a long weekend is tough! I dropped the kids off at their teen summer camp and got to work about 10. Unfortunately I had to leave at 2:15 in order to pick them up on time. They are having a lot of fun in this camp but these hours are killing me. I've been trying to make-up my hours on the week's that the kids are with their dad - so my whole summer my work schedule has been all wacky.

I finished my book "Menopause In Manhattan" on my metro ride in to work. It was really good. It was well written and I loved reading the evolution of the main character. I'll have to remember to recommend this book to my mom. She's an avid reader - so avid that she has to keep a list in Excel of the books she's read so that she can keep track for when she goes to the library.

The next book I'm reading is  

Until Proven Guilty (J. P. Beaumont Series #1)

Overview (From Barnes & Noble)

The little girl was only five, much too young to die — a lost treasure who should have been cherished, not murdered.She could have been J.P. Beaumont's kid, and the determined Seattle homicide detective won't rest until her killer pays dearly. But the hunt is leading Beaumont into a murky world of religious fanaticism, and toward a beautiful, perilous obsession all his own. And suddenly Beau himself is a target — because faith can be dangerous...and love can kill.

Talk about a change of pace huh? Every once in awhile I enjoy a good murder mystery.

After I picked the kids up from camp we stopped for fro-yo and then to Target and the Dry Cleaners. When we got home I knew I needed to get a workout in. I hadn't worked out since my final run on the 4th of July - 3 days prior. 

I popped in my TurboFire Fire 30 dvd. I was so bored and tired of it halfway through that I just stopped it, changed in to my running shoes and went for a one mile run - it the almost 90 degree heat! THAT'S how much I couldn't take that dvd anymore.

I am officially burned out of the Fire 30 dvd. I went into my Google calendar and substituted some ChaLean Extreme cardio dvds for some of the scheduled upcoming Fire 30 workouts. 

I also emailed the Bootcamp class I have a Groupon for that expires on July 18th. It's for 10 bootcamp classes. Next week we'll be on vacation so hoepfull I start it this week they'll let me use the remaining sessions when I get back.

And let me leave you with this - how disturbing are her fingernails? Is that disgusting or what? How in the world does she get anything done? I definitely wouldn't want to eat anything she cooks!

Happy Fourth of July

This year for the Fourth of July we decided to get a hotel room in Baltimore to stay in for after the fireworks. We stayed at the Hilton right on Pratt Street. The hotel was beautiful. Our room overlooked Oriole Park.

Before the fireworks we went down and wandered around the stadium for a little bit.

We ended up walking quite a bit because practically everything in Baltimore's Inner Harbor was closed for the holiday so there were only a few restaurants open. We walked to the other end of the Harbor and ended up having drinks and food at the hotel lobby where our wedding guests stayed last year - the Marriott. The hotdog eating contest was on the tv while we were there. Hubby had never seen it before. When we left the Marriott we were on our way to find a place to go watch the fireworks when we saw a crowd of people sitting around so we made do with an empty little area we found to sit. 

Really awkward picture angle - I look huge!

The problem was - our view was obstructed where we were sitting so we ended up standing up and walking over a little bit to catch a glimpse between some buildings.  

On the walk back to our hotel we saw this motorcycle/car. I had never seen anything like this before. 

Crazy right?

When we got back to the hotel we had a hard time getting to sleep. There was some sort of church convention staying in our hotel and we had the dis-pleasure of having a room next to a group of teenage girls that had people coming and going from their room - slamming their door each time - throughout the night.

We couldn't even sleep in. We got up early and checked out - after we talked to the manage and received a refund for our stay.

Saturday we had to get ready for our party. As we were pulling out of the grocery store parking space hubby calmly stated that he would be pulling over into the shade to get rid of the bug in the backseat. 

Thank goodness - he - not I was driving because the bug was a CICADA! Do you see this big ole nasty thing? If that had landed in my hair I think I would have had a heart attack!!

We had a great party with my best friends and some of hubby's work friends.

I didn't drink too much but I didn't eat healthy and we were up til all hours of the night.

I slept in Sunday morning but hubby got up early and cleaned up. By the time I got up and about we decided to go hangout at the pool for a little while.

It was so hot we only lasted a couple of hours. Then we came home, ate lunch and watched some reality tv show series about a guy who renovates bars. In other words - we were just vegging out in our recliners - too lazy to move.

The kids came back from their dad's relatively on time for a change and hubby barbecued chicken for dinner. Hubby went to bed early and I stayed up with the kids. I can't wait til school starts back up so I can get them and myself to bed at an earlier hour!

July 2 - July 4

Tuesday - July 2nd I got down to the gym during my lunchtime and hopped on the treadmill for my mile run and then I did a 15 minute Rolling Hills walk. 236 calories burned during lunch - not bad!

FMS PhotoADay - July 2 - Shoes 

Coming down the home stretch... July 3rd I went back to the gym and ran for 30 minutes. I ALMOST got 3 miles in for my lunch break.

I managed to lose 3 pounds over the week. Probably water weight. I'm still up from when I first started MyFitness Pal though.

And on the Fourth of July - hubby came with me to run my final one-mile run of the Runners World Run Streak. I did it! I ran at least 1 mile a day for 39 days straight! What a freaking accomplishment for myself - someone who was barely a runner just last year. I found myself running in the heat, early in the morning, planning and plotting with myself when I would get my daily run in.

The next streak is in the winter time so I probably won't participate in that one. I think snow, ice, cold and dark are all elements I'm not looking forward to running in. For now I'll just revel in this accomplishment and e happy that I was able to do it!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy First of July!

We are halfway through 2013. Unbelievable. It went by so fast. 

My Runner's World Run Streak is ALMOST over! It was tough some days to squeeze in that one mile run each day but I am so glad I actually stuck with it.

Monday's run was on the treadmill during my lunch break. I was able to run the full 2.5 miles without ANY walk breaks! I keep surprising myself with these little run victories of mine.

Plus burning 350 calories during lunch is always a good thing!

After work I stopped to get my nails and toes done. I went with a patriotic Fourth of July theme inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram last week.

Hubby had left work early so he did the grocery shopping and while I was at the nail salon he made dinner - porkchops, stuffing and broccoli with cheese. it was YUMMY!! He is such a sweetie!

I know I've tried this before but here we go again:

Day 1 - Happiness Is... Opening the garage door at the end of the day to spend the
evening with my family

June 29 - June 30

Hubby and I had a fun weekend with the kiddos. Saturday afternoon we went to show them what RV's look like on the inside since we went ahead and put the deposit down on one for our summer vacation with the kids in August.

After the RV stop we went to Ft Meade for some bowling. They have a special for 2 1/2 fours of bowling, a large pizza, a pitcher of soda and shoe rental - all for $50. Can't beat it! 

After bowling we went to play mini golf.

My daughter tried to get a picture of me and hubby but the sun was to our back so you can't really see our faces.

After mini golf we went for ice cream and then came home and put some turkey burgers on the grill.

My silly daughter in my Redskins hat

My sill hubby wanted in on the picture action

Sunday the kids wanted to go see the movie "White House Down" with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

White House Down (2013) Poster
It was just "eh" to me. Very violent. Not the gory violent but a lot of gun action, fighting, and bombs. Not my first choice but it is rare that they both want to see the same movie so I figured why not. Hubby chose to stay home and tackle some projects around the house. Smart man.

Before the movie I set out for one mile run. After a mile I was feeling so good - even though it was hot - that I aimed for 1 1/2 miles. When I hit the mile and a half my next goal was to make it to two miles. Unfortunately at mile 1.8 I hit a hill I just didn't feel like tackling in that heat so I stopped my run and my RunKeeper app and walked up the hill as my cool down.

I have to say - that was a run I enjoyed. As I get to the end of this run streak it has been hard at times to force myself to just do a mile. It was a nice surprise to find myself WANTING to do more than that mile.