Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to work

Going back to work after a long weekend is tough! I dropped the kids off at their teen summer camp and got to work about 10. Unfortunately I had to leave at 2:15 in order to pick them up on time. They are having a lot of fun in this camp but these hours are killing me. I've been trying to make-up my hours on the week's that the kids are with their dad - so my whole summer my work schedule has been all wacky.

I finished my book "Menopause In Manhattan" on my metro ride in to work. It was really good. It was well written and I loved reading the evolution of the main character. I'll have to remember to recommend this book to my mom. She's an avid reader - so avid that she has to keep a list in Excel of the books she's read so that she can keep track for when she goes to the library.

The next book I'm reading is  

Until Proven Guilty (J. P. Beaumont Series #1)

Overview (From Barnes & Noble)

The little girl was only five, much too young to die — a lost treasure who should have been cherished, not murdered.She could have been J.P. Beaumont's kid, and the determined Seattle homicide detective won't rest until her killer pays dearly. But the hunt is leading Beaumont into a murky world of religious fanaticism, and toward a beautiful, perilous obsession all his own. And suddenly Beau himself is a target — because faith can be dangerous...and love can kill.

Talk about a change of pace huh? Every once in awhile I enjoy a good murder mystery.

After I picked the kids up from camp we stopped for fro-yo and then to Target and the Dry Cleaners. When we got home I knew I needed to get a workout in. I hadn't worked out since my final run on the 4th of July - 3 days prior. 

I popped in my TurboFire Fire 30 dvd. I was so bored and tired of it halfway through that I just stopped it, changed in to my running shoes and went for a one mile run - it the almost 90 degree heat! THAT'S how much I couldn't take that dvd anymore.

I am officially burned out of the Fire 30 dvd. I went into my Google calendar and substituted some ChaLean Extreme cardio dvds for some of the scheduled upcoming Fire 30 workouts. 

I also emailed the Bootcamp class I have a Groupon for that expires on July 18th. It's for 10 bootcamp classes. Next week we'll be on vacation so hoepfull I start it this week they'll let me use the remaining sessions when I get back.

And let me leave you with this - how disturbing are her fingernails? Is that disgusting or what? How in the world does she get anything done? I definitely wouldn't want to eat anything she cooks!

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