Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy First of July!

We are halfway through 2013. Unbelievable. It went by so fast. 

My Runner's World Run Streak is ALMOST over! It was tough some days to squeeze in that one mile run each day but I am so glad I actually stuck with it.

Monday's run was on the treadmill during my lunch break. I was able to run the full 2.5 miles without ANY walk breaks! I keep surprising myself with these little run victories of mine.

Plus burning 350 calories during lunch is always a good thing!

After work I stopped to get my nails and toes done. I went with a patriotic Fourth of July theme inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram last week.

Hubby had left work early so he did the grocery shopping and while I was at the nail salon he made dinner - porkchops, stuffing and broccoli with cheese. it was YUMMY!! He is such a sweetie!

I know I've tried this before but here we go again:

Day 1 - Happiness Is... Opening the garage door at the end of the day to spend the
evening with my family

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