Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

This year for the Fourth of July we decided to get a hotel room in Baltimore to stay in for after the fireworks. We stayed at the Hilton right on Pratt Street. The hotel was beautiful. Our room overlooked Oriole Park.

Before the fireworks we went down and wandered around the stadium for a little bit.

We ended up walking quite a bit because practically everything in Baltimore's Inner Harbor was closed for the holiday so there were only a few restaurants open. We walked to the other end of the Harbor and ended up having drinks and food at the hotel lobby where our wedding guests stayed last year - the Marriott. The hotdog eating contest was on the tv while we were there. Hubby had never seen it before. When we left the Marriott we were on our way to find a place to go watch the fireworks when we saw a crowd of people sitting around so we made do with an empty little area we found to sit. 

Really awkward picture angle - I look huge!

The problem was - our view was obstructed where we were sitting so we ended up standing up and walking over a little bit to catch a glimpse between some buildings.  

On the walk back to our hotel we saw this motorcycle/car. I had never seen anything like this before. 

Crazy right?

When we got back to the hotel we had a hard time getting to sleep. There was some sort of church convention staying in our hotel and we had the dis-pleasure of having a room next to a group of teenage girls that had people coming and going from their room - slamming their door each time - throughout the night.

We couldn't even sleep in. We got up early and checked out - after we talked to the manage and received a refund for our stay.

Saturday we had to get ready for our party. As we were pulling out of the grocery store parking space hubby calmly stated that he would be pulling over into the shade to get rid of the bug in the backseat. 

Thank goodness - he - not I was driving because the bug was a CICADA! Do you see this big ole nasty thing? If that had landed in my hair I think I would have had a heart attack!!

We had a great party with my best friends and some of hubby's work friends.

I didn't drink too much but I didn't eat healthy and we were up til all hours of the night.

I slept in Sunday morning but hubby got up early and cleaned up. By the time I got up and about we decided to go hangout at the pool for a little while.

It was so hot we only lasted a couple of hours. Then we came home, ate lunch and watched some reality tv show series about a guy who renovates bars. In other words - we were just vegging out in our recliners - too lazy to move.

The kids came back from their dad's relatively on time for a change and hubby barbecued chicken for dinner. Hubby went to bed early and I stayed up with the kids. I can't wait til school starts back up so I can get them and myself to bed at an earlier hour!

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