Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk!!!

It's crazy how life becomes a whirlwind of frenzied activity right before you try to take a vacation.

The week before hubby and I left for Jamaica the kids were with us so I was doing the shortened work schedule since they were in Summer Camp and taking them back and forth to their last week of Track Practice!

Chipotle lunch Tues with the kids

My daughter goofing around with phone on the way to track practice and taking
a picture on my phone of herself taking a picture

When I stopped by Target to get some last minute travel items - I stopped by the Clearance Workout section and picked up some running shorts for myself. I have 2 running skirts that I love but I have yet to run in shorts yet. I figure if I'm going to start my 10K training and have to run in the heat I may as well venture in to the world of running shorts.

This rear window sticker made me laugh. It says 0.0 "I didn't run". I personally can't wait to be able to legitimately sport a 13.1 sticker in my rear window! Hopefully in 2014.

Thursday before vacation I did a little Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme workout. Unfortunately the calorie burn for those 44 minutes sucked. I hate when that happens. It's SO frustrating - especially when I see so many people on InstaGram burning tons of calories in that same amount of time.

Friday morning I went to Bootcamp for the first time! I had to activate a Groupon that was going to expire while we were in Jamaica. It was tough. And it was at 6am on a Friday morning. The day before vacation. But I went. And I got through it. It was almost set up CrossFit style where the owner/instructor partnered us up and we went through a series of stations. I did pretty well with keeping up with the others and I had a much better calorie burn than the previous day. 

Saturday morning bright and early hubby and I were up and out headed to JAMAICA for VACATION!

We spent the week at Secrets Montego Bay to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Unfortunately the day we were supposed to leave Jamaica to fly back home - our flight got cancelled. Air Tran had to accommodate for us the night. They put us up in a not-so-great-to-put-it-nicely hotel. Hubby didn't really have a problem with it he said since he's used to traveling around the world and staying at all sorts of places. I on the other hand, was definitely not used to staying at a place like this. I didn't want to leave our suitcases unzipped in the room and I made hubby check between all the sheets holding a lamp to make sure there weren't any bugs or bedbugs. Pics of the not-so great hotel... 

View from our balcony

Yes - we overlooked the street

Whew - getting ready to head back to the airport!

While on vacation I had a personal victory. I wore bikinis the entire trip. It was first time ever wearing a bikini and I bought enough to last me all week! I worked very hard to get comfortable enough with m body to wear bikinis. I'm I'm good with the progress I've made physically and I can't wait to see my results by next year's vacation!

For whatever reason I wasn't able to post any of my vacation pics on Instagram and when I got back I was STILL having problems. 

I ended up having to delete all the photos off of my iphone and that seemed to work after I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app and changed my password!

We got back from Jamaica LATE Sunday night so I had to ask the ex-husband to keep the kids an extra night for me which totally sucked. I hate having to ask him for anything. For that alone Air Tran should give us additional airline tickets to compensate us for cancelling our original flight home.

I picked the kids up Monday morning and we hung out for the day (I had to take an extra day of vacation from work). 

Tuesday I went back to work and that's when I woke up to the beginning of some noticeable stomach issues.

Wednesday I dragged myself to my 2nd bootcamp class while the kids were at dinner with their dad. (With the Groupon deal I had to pre-register for all of my classes).  

Although I burned a lot of calories at bootcamp it was not a fun experience at all this time. There were only 6 of us there and it felt very clique-ish. The owner/instructor spent the majority of the time talking with three girls that were obviously regulars and/or her friends. At one point I felt she was actually irritated with me because I wasn't lifting the kettle bell correctly. It was as if I was a BOTHER to her that she actually had to come demonstrate the proper technique to me. It was a very tough class - especially since I hadn't worked out in a week and half. I had a hard time keeping up in addition to not feeling very welcome which made it a pretty uncomfortable 45 minutes. I'm not sure if I'll go back to use the remaining Groupon classes I signed up for.

By Thursday evening hubby had brought home some Imodium AD for me to take. Both of us had been struggling with stomach issues since our return from Jamaica. He and his co-workers think it may have been the ice cubes in our drinks at the icky hotel we stayed a night at. We were fine all week at the nice resort we were in but the day after we got back from Jamaica (after a night at that icky hotel) our stomachs have been a mess. 

Although I have been miserable - I AM glad it is me and NOT my kids with this tummy problem. I do hope it was something hubby and I consumed and not something contagious.

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