Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 2 - July 4

Tuesday - July 2nd I got down to the gym during my lunchtime and hopped on the treadmill for my mile run and then I did a 15 minute Rolling Hills walk. 236 calories burned during lunch - not bad!

FMS PhotoADay - July 2 - Shoes 

Coming down the home stretch... July 3rd I went back to the gym and ran for 30 minutes. I ALMOST got 3 miles in for my lunch break.

I managed to lose 3 pounds over the week. Probably water weight. I'm still up from when I first started MyFitness Pal though.

And on the Fourth of July - hubby came with me to run my final one-mile run of the Runners World Run Streak. I did it! I ran at least 1 mile a day for 39 days straight! What a freaking accomplishment for myself - someone who was barely a runner just last year. I found myself running in the heat, early in the morning, planning and plotting with myself when I would get my daily run in.

The next streak is in the winter time so I probably won't participate in that one. I think snow, ice, cold and dark are all elements I'm not looking forward to running in. For now I'll just revel in this accomplishment and e happy that I was able to do it!

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