Monday, July 1, 2013

June 19 - June 21

Wednesday June 19th my run streak continued. All I wanted to do was my one mile run on the treadmill during my lunchtime and then a Fitness Blender You Tube arm workout. I got the run in but the You Tube workout kept buffering on my iphone so I got frustrated and ended my workout early. I am awful with making up my own workout routines. I need the instruction of someone else to show me proper technique and in which order I should workout.

That evening was my night for dinner with the kiddos. Hubby was flying so the the three of us were just going to pick up dinner from Wegman's hot bar and bring it home to eat. In my head I had it all worked out that I was going to get sushi and make a salad at the salad bar. But they were out of California Rolls. I'm not a very adventurous sushi eater - I don't do well with the raw fish so I was really counting on there being some California Rolls left. Since there weren't any I had to come up with a Plan B. 

I still made a salad at the salad bar that was MOSTLY healthy (except for a spoonful of tuna salad and a spoonful of egg salad - oops - sorry I'm not sorry) and then I had a hot wing, two boneless wings and some fried rice. Not the healthiest choice I admit but I did exercise portion control.

Thursday the 20th my office had a going away lunch for one of my co-workers who was leaving the job. We had it at Al Tiramisu in DC. It was a pretty fancy shmancy Italian restaurant. The waiter brought out this platter and set it on the middle of the table while he explained what the specials of the day were. 

Yep - those are real fish. And the crabs were still moving too! 

1st course

2nd course

And then I forgot to take a picture of my main course - which was the salmon.

It was delicious!

That evening I got in my one mile run-streak run. I got an email from RunKeeper - the app that I use to track my running - that I had reached my fastest average pace in a month 11:37 min/mi. I'm slowly (pun intended) getting faster! 

Friday the 21st I used the 5K setting on the treadmill at my work gym. I was determined to run a 5K no matter how long it took me during my lunch break. I didn't realize that in order to stimulate a 5K the elevation on the treadmill adjusted as well. Ideally that is probably a good thing for 5K training but I just wasn't expecting it at all. I could feel myself getting so tired on the inclines. I ended up taking 2 one minute walk breaks and then I stopped the treadmill once I reached 3 miles.  

I almost burned 400 calories though!

Too bad I blew through those 400 calories I burned by picking up this 660 calorie sandwich for lunch. 


I do that a lot - I'll get a good calorie burn in - and then turn around and consume it. The story of my life.

The sandwich was good at first but by the time I started to eat the second half I think the Chipotle Mayo hit my stomach wrong and I started to gag at my desk. Not an amusing sound. 

I picked at the second half of the sandwich but I couldn't force down the parts that had that mayo on it. Every once in awhile if my stomach is completely empty and I try to eat a food with a weird combination of spices it just doesn't agree with my stomach. This was one of those instances. Weird right?

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