Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend June 22 - June 23

Saturday June 22nd I took the day off from running a 5K since I had just run one the previous Saturday. But hubby is in training for a 12 mile race in August so he signed himself up for this 5K. I went as a supporter/cheerleader.

After his race we stopped for coffee and food and then I made sure I got my one mile runners streak run in before we continued with our day! It was hot but I set a new record pace for myself!

We started our afternoon with a kid-free trip to Ikea. We hadn't been there together in a couple of years. We first grabbed lunch to get our energy up and then we proceeded to get our shopping on. We were able to slowly wander through all the sections and pick up some little knick knacks to start giving our home a more personalized touch.

After we left Ikea we headed over to see our first ever All Women's Full Contact Football Game. I had seen the signs at the stadium a couple of weeks ago when the kids had a track meet there so I Googled the DC Divas website and it looked like something I definitely wanted to check out. 

It was pretty interesting - and we won! Some of the ladies looked as big as some of the NFL players. It definitely takes a tough woman to be able to play full contact football - especially as an adult. I could never do it!

Sunday the 23rd hubby brought me to Ft. Meade to run the loop at the base that he's been running. It was another hot one. I really didn't feel like it. But again - I did it! I ran one lap and then did a run/walk for the second lap. Day 28 of my run streak completed.

And according to RunKeeper I set a new record - fastest average pace in a week! Woo-hoo - go ME!

Hubby and I can't get my darn Garmin to work so I used the heart rate monitor feature of it and still carried my phone to use the RunKeeper app. At least I know it was accurate because hubby got the same distance measurements as me with his GPS watch.

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