Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26 - Dr Appointment

Monday morning bright and early I had an appointment for my 5 month follow-up mammogram. All was clear so I don't have to go back again for 6 months. Looks like I might be on this every 6 month cycle for awhile.

I didn't get to work until mid-morning so I used it as my "rest day" since I had worked out the previous 7 days. Here's a summary of last week's workouts:

Mon - 2 mile run
Tue - Fitness Class App - Bootcamp Workout
Wed - 2.15 mile run
Thu - Fitness Class App - HIIT workout
Fri - 2.36 mile run
Sat - TurboFire and ChaLean Extreme dvd workouts
Sun - 3 mile run

That was a very successful exercise week for me. 

Total workout minutes: 286
Total miles run: 9.51

Food and tracking - eh... still needs some work.

I actually didn't bring any food with me to work on Monday because I didn't know how long I would be at the Dr. They are usually so slow and backed up there. 

When I was done I hit up Whole Foods hot bar for some breakfast (a delicious frittata and a cup of fruit) that I brought back to the office to eat at my desk.

I had also picked up lunch - a roast beef and cheese sandwich and a pasta salad. Although I'm sure they were both healthy because they were sold at Whole Foods - I don't think they were low-calorie...

I had a Luna Bar for a late snack before I headed home.

I was too full to eat dinner. Those Whole Food portions may have actually been for 2 people but I ate the entire sandwich and the whole pasta salad in the container. I had planned to have Sunday's leftover pork tenderloin for dinner but I was just too full. Hubby ate it though and said it was delicious. I'll bring mine to work on Tuesday for lunch.

We were a day late and watched the MTV Video Music Awards from the dvr and saw the train wreck that was Miley Cyrus. Talk about an awful performance, an awful portrayal, I just don't know what she was thinking - IF she was thinking. My kids grew up watching her on Hannah Montana. I didn't even save the awards show in the dvr for them to watch although they'll probably see her performance off of You Tube from one of their friends. 

Lady Gaga was great and Justin Timberlake was AWESOME. He is such a great performer! Now I have to hit up itunes and download some of his older songs. First I must figure out how to get the songs from my ipod onto my iphone. I don't remember my original itunes user information from ages ago when I first got my ipod so maybe I'll be able to transfer the songs from my ipod onto my laptop and then from the laptop load them onto my iphone? I'll have to give it a try - maybe do a Google search first. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 22 - August 25 Weekend Recap plus a Couple of Days Prior

Thursday's lunchtime workout was a HIIT workout by Cathe Friedrich from my Fitness Class App that I had downloaded to my ipad. It was a good one. It was tough and I was a sweaty mess by the end of it!

I tried a new-to-me Chobani Bites flavor - Mint with Dark Chocolate Chips. It was pretty good too. The Raspberry with Dark Chocolate is still my favorite though.

Friday morning I weighed in. I didn't lose one single freaking pound. Ugh.  I know it's my eating. I really need to start eating more "clean". I ran across an interesting article from Prevention Magazine listing the 100 cleanest packaged foods. I took some notes and am looking to expand into the world of cleaner eating:

Friday's 10K training plan run was a 27 minute run - 2.36 miles, 11:25 average pace

After work the kids had text me asking if I could bring them to the movies to meet their friends that night at 6:45. I still can't believe I'm getting to the age where I am chauffeuring my teenagers around for Friday night activities!

I took them to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner first while hubby did yard work. Then I drove home to hangout with hubby for a little while and had to turn right around to pick the kids up and then head home again. I almost can't wait for them to start driving! Careful what I ask for right? 

Saturday morning started bright and early for me. I had made an 8am appointment at the car dealership to have my car serviced. I figured if I made the appointment for really early they wouldn't be too backed up and I could get out of there pretty fast.

Unfortunately - this was the line I was in when I pulled up!

I did come armed though - I had my Starbucks, a magazine and my ipad. They had free wifi for the win!

I was out of there in about an hour.

Since it was still pretty early and I knew the kids would still be asleep (hubby was doing his man stuff - car wash and lawn work) I decided to run some errands. I stopped by the dry cleaner and I stopped by Aldi grocery store.

I had been to Aldi once before years ago and was totally turned off by it because I had to pay a 25 cent shopping cart deposit and then they didn't have much name brand merchandise. It just wasn't what I was expecting. This time I knew I could count on good prices for produce and meat. I still paid my lil 25 cent deposit and ventured in. I'm glad I did. I got some REALLY good deals on produce, meat and fish.

Afterwards I wandered next door to Mom's Organic Market. It's a nice store, but VERY pricey. I walked away with just 3 Luna bars and 3 new-to-me greek yogurts for a total bill of almost $13!

My final stop before I went home was to drop off a bag of clothes at Goodwill that I had been travelling around with in my trunk for 2 months!

When I got home the kids were just wandering down the stairs to find breakfast so I changed my clothes and got in a workout. I did TurboFire HIIT 25 class followed by ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 2.

I had a full day planned foe us so after my workout I had to hurry and shower and get dressed. 

Our first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings. My daughter had mentioned earlier in the week that she had never been to one so she was excited to be able to experience it. She LOVES wings and was even adventurous to try the HOT wings which were definitely HOT. Hubby and son wouldn't even try one of them. I almost burned my lips off trying one.

After we ate we went to the Maryland Soccer Plex. The Wounded Warriors Soccer Team was having an exhibition match against The National Amputee Soccer Team. I had heard about the event the night before on the radio and thought it would be a good thing for the four of us to see. It was AMAZING to see these players be able to competitively play soccer. One of the goalies was a double amputee! At half time the announcer asked for all veterans to stand and the local kid soccer clubs presented a medal to all the veterans in attendance (including hubby. He was very touched).  

When that game was over we stayed a little bit longer at the request of my daughter to watch the high school girls play their soccer game. By then it was getting late but I was determined to get in a game of bowling with my family so I drove all the way to Fort Meade (thank goodness for the new Intercounty Connector - ICC - which saved me about 10 minutes). Originally we were just going to bowl one game but somehow I got talked into bowling THREE games! I was on fire one game and bowled my highest score EVER - a 170!

It turned out to be a pretty late night. I was so happy to be able to sleep in on Sunday.

Hubby and I were out on the back deck Sunday morning having coffee and just talking when my son peeked his head out and joined us. He sat and chatted with us for quite awhile which was pretty darn cool.

Then it was time for hubby and I to start tackling our to-do lists. I had a little cleaning to do and some errands on mine - to include a trip to Trader Joe's and Target with my mini me. I pretty much stuck to my list and didn't overspend which was a feat in itself!

Once we got home I still had to get in my 10K training run which was a 3 mile run.

Hubby came with me and looped down some side streets here and there. I ended up doing my 3 miles in 36 minutes and he did 4 miles in 38 minutes! I had to stop and walk a lot more than I wanted. I hadn't run outside in awhile plus it was little too hot for me. I do need to try to run outdoors more often though to stay used to it.

When we got home I started dinner. The kids were supposed to be spending the night with us an extra night because their dad was going to be returning late from his vacation. I had planned a nice Sunday dinner of pork tenderloin, yellow and brown rice mixed and corn on the cob.

The pork tenderloin was taking longer to take than I had planned. We still hadn't eaten at 7:30 when the ex-husband text to say he had gotten back early and would be over at 8:30 to pick up the kids after all. I made them strip the linens off their beds to be washed since they wouldn't be staying and pack up all their stuff while I put the finishing touches on dinner. 

At 8:00 as I'm serving up their plates - he pulls up. Of course. Because everything revolves around his schedule <insert sarcasm>. The kids were disappointed they weren't going to be able to have the dinner I had cooked so I went ahead and packed up just enough for the two of them to take with them. Their dad and his girlfriend could fend for themselves.

When they pulled off hubby and I ended up sitting around and talking over a bottle of wine. We finally got a chance to catch up for the week. It was such a whirlwind week between the start of school and his tests that we really didn't have a lot of time for just the two of us to talk about all of the small stuff during the week. We talked and drank and may or may not have missed dinner with all of our catching up. At least we'll have dinner for Monday already cooked if we don't stick with the meal plan I made for us for the week.

August 21 - Data Alert

Wednesday morning I received the following text alert:

Yes - turns out the ex-husband showed my daughter how to use her iphone as her "personal hot spot" for the ipad he bought her. Um yeah - she's on OUR cell phone bill - he doesn't pay jack towards the bill. Once again - I wish he would stay out of my wallet! I had to explain to my daughter that she couldn't use her phone for this purpose anymore. We have 4 people on our data plan and we hardly ever use half of our allotted data in a month - but yet this month she's used over half of the data by herself!

Lunchtime 10K training run was a 25 minute run. I ran 2.15 miles with an average pace of 11:36.   

Hubby was away at work overnight so it was just me and the kiddos in the evening. At least their dad was out of the country so the kids couldn't have their normal dinner night with him so I wasn't all by myself for the night.

I did have an interesting talk with someone I met regarding Beachbody's Shakeology and me becoming a Beachbody coach. She's sending me a Shakeology sample and I'll give it a try next week. I think it's kind of pricey though.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 20 - New Workout App

I've been eyeing this App for a couple of weeks Called "Fitness Class" in the itunes store. I want to add variety to my lunchtime workouts. I used to be able to do Fitness Blender You Tube videos from my old Droid phone downstairs in the gym in my office building. But ever since I got my new iphone You Tube constantly buffers which can be quite annoying when you're trying to follow a workout.

This App is free to install and has a few free workouts but in order to download any workouts to my ipad I had to buy a pass. It's $9.99 for one month or $69.99 for the year. I went with the one month option initially so I could test it out to see if I have any buffering problems and to see just how often I use it and how often they add new workouts.

The first class I did was called "Bootcamp Basics". It was very basic - no music, no background - just a guy giving instructions and doing the workout. It was a pretty decent workout though and I'll probably do it again. It was 30 minutes and then I jumped on the treadmill for a 3 minute run so that I could have at least a 200 calorie burn. The bootcamp only burned around 180 calories.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19 - First Day of School

Here they are - my not-so-little 8th graders. I can't believe this is their last year of middle school and next year they will be in HIGH SCHOOL! Ack! Where does the time go?

With their backpacks on

With their backpacks off

With the start of the school year I feel like **I** can finally get back on track, finally get back to my schedule. All summer I was juggling work/the kids/summer camp/vacations... and now I'm back to just work and the kids - but with a SCHEDULE!

It was nice to actually have groceries from our big shopping trip and bring in food for the day instead of having to spend money eating out.   

Finished off the last of the mini bagels from our RV trip. Normally I buy the wheat ones.

Today on the 10K running schedule it called for a 2 mile run. I got 'er done on the treadmill during lunchtime. Slow (11:39 average pace), but done - and I didn't have to walk at all!!

Lunch was a Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger on a Whole Grain Sandwich Thin with mustard, and a Chobani Bites with a 100 cal pack of almonds mixed in.

After work the kids and I headed to Old Navy. The son has decided to change his look for the school year. The past two summers he has worn nothing but the long athletic shorts with a t-shirt. Well this school year he had decided he wants to wear some CARGO SHORTS and collared shirts. Oh boy - there must be a little girl involved... 

Daughter and I waiting on son in Old Navy dressing room area

For dinner I had cooked some chicken in the crockpot and then we had veggies and hubby made a box of Pasta Roni. I know, I know... the processed stuff. I know there are working moms out there that can somehow always have a completely homemade, non-processed meal on the table for their families - but that's not me. I do the best that I can and I'm happy with that. Yes we do rely on some convenience foods for dinner but I always make sure we have a vegetable with our dinner. Hubby, me and the kids are all healthy individuals and I do the best I can to try to serve us balanced meals. It takes hubby and me about 1 1/2 hours each to get home from work so I do try to pre-cook meals when I can.   

I've stopped reading my ipad on the metro. There has been an increase in the amount of ipads and iphones stolen on the metro lately so I've been keeping them in my bag during my ride. To bide my time I've been catching up on my ever-growing stack of magazines.

Here's a pretty cool idea I saw in one of them. We have tons of pictures and frames, but hardly any of them are up. It's time to start getting crafty!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 15-18 Weekend Wrap-Up

Thursday morning I saw a number on the scale I really didn't want to see but a number I was sort of expecting. I was up 3.6 pounds since my last weigh-in on August 1st. That pretty much stinks.

As I was packing up my lunch for work - I thought this was a cute shot - the big apple and the little cherry side by side.

It was so cold in the morning I had to pull out a sweater for the commute into work. Is this really August or is it Autumn?!

After work hubby and I dropped by the commissary to pick up a few items. We had picked up some steaks and had them on the grill while I quizzed him for his upcoming test.

Unfortunately we forgot about the steaks and by the time hubby went to check on them - they were on fire. He ended up cutting away at them to make enough salvageable pieces for me for dinner and he ate a corn dog. 

Friday morning I KNEW I had to get up and get in my workout since we were going away for the weekend and I was going to leave work early.

I did TurbFire HIIT 20 Class dvd and ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 1. 

It was another cold morning headed into work and I wore another sweater in August and a closed-toe shoe.

I had SO much work to do before I could leave that I neglected eating breakfast or lunch. I did have a 100 cal pack of these Vanilla Roast Almonds. They are my new favorite. They are delicious and it's a good thing they come in the 100 cal pack or I could see myself eating way more than I needed to. 

When I left work I was STARVING! I stopped at Five Guys on the way home to pick up lil' cheeseburgers for hubby and me.

Yes I was so hungry I actually ate the peanuts at Five Guys for the
1st time EVER while I waited for my order to be ready.

Hubby got stuck in traffic so I scarfed down my cheeseburger and fries before I started packing for the weekend.

We were spending the weekend in Baltimore for a Yellow Ribbon Event. It's basically an event for the service members from his base after they come home from deployment. The families are invited to come and they hold break-out sessions related to different topics the service member and/or their families members may need addressed post-deployment.

The actual event was starting until Saturday morning so on Friday night we walked from out hotel over to the Orioles game. We had great seats and it was a lot of fun! 

After the game we met up with some of hubby's friends from work at a nearby bar. We stayed up way too late and were really paying for it Saturday morning when our alarms went off 3 hours after we laid our heads down to sleep.

Most of the seminars were pretty good. They provided lunch at the hotel but a group of us walked over to The Cheesecake Factory. Don't be fooled by their "lunch portions". I ordered the lunch pizza and salad which was a Caesar salad that I only ate half of and a barbecue chicken pizza. I was full after the first piece of pizza but I forced down two more slices.

The afternoon seminars dragged on from then on. The 4:00 one was the worst. The lady speaking had the most monotone voice. I thought I was going to fall asleep so I checked my Instagram under the table to try to stay awake.

Dinner was at 5. It was much better than the normal chicken, potatoes and veggies they serve at conferences. This dinner had a mashed potato station which was YUMMY, a sliders table which included veggie, turkey, beef or bison burgers, and a crab dip/crackers/veggies type station. I was getting pretty full off of the crab dip and the mashed potatoes stations but of course I still helped myself to two beef sliders and a couple of fries. 

Afterwards a group of us went for drinks at Pratt Street Ale House. I was too full to drink beer so I had 2 Captain Morgan with Diet Cokes and called it a night. It was a REALLY long day.

Sunday morning we still had to get up early for breakfast and one more break-out session. 

When we got home our next door neighbor came over with a crumpled up envelope in his hand. Another one of our neighbors had found it at the front of our development. It was hubby's. Friday morning he had mailed a check to the IRS along with their payment coupon. Evidently some thieves went into our mailbox, removed the envelope, opened it, and helped themselves to the check and either tossed or dropped the rest. The very unfortunate thing about this is that hubby's Social Security number was on the check - as instructed by the IRS to do so when sending in a check.

So we ended up going to the police station to file a report. Then we had to go to the bank to close the account. Thank GOODNESS our bank has branches in the grocery store so they were open on Sunday! And then we did our grocery shopping since we were there anyway.

We hadn't done a BIG grocery shopping in quite awhile since we were coming and going between vacations and kids vs non-kids weeks for the past couple of months - so this bill was a little hefty - $250! Plus we went to Safeway which always seems more expensive to me. I prefer Giant but it's further away. Also we ended up buying some "Sam's Club" items from the grocery store to save time. I've been reading about how inexpensive Aldi is so I might check them out this weekend. I went one other time and I wasn't impressed because it wasn't what I was expecting (no name brands) but now I know what to expect so I'm willing to give them another try.

The Ex dropped the kids off late AGAIN. The day before school starts. Nothing should surprise me about him anymore. NOTHING.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 14

Wednesday August 14th I had MY dentist appointment at 8am. I was on time - they were running about 10 minutes late. My regular hygienist retired. She had been cleaning my teeth for over 10 years. Her replacement wasn't as friendly and was a little rough around the edges in personality. Plus she seriously attacked my teeth. At one point she had her hand resting on my eyeball - almost flipping out my contact lens while she was doing her cleaning thing. What in the world?!

I was able to get to work by 10 so I didn't feel bad about taking lunch a little later so I could get in a workout. My running schedule called for a 20-25 minute run so I aimed for 22 minutes and nailed it! 22 minutes of non-stop running for me! I was a sweaty mess when I was done too.

After work I picked up the kiddos from their dad's house for my dinner night. Still no groceries in the house so we stopped by Wegman's and picked up food from the hot bar. I made a salad and then tried to count my calories from the signs as I helped myself to a couple of items from their Asian bar. I know I consumed too many calories though. I really need to get back to tracking on MyFitness Pal.

August 13

Tuesday August 13th I attempted to get back on the eating healthy bandwagon - all without going to the grocery store yet after vacation.

For breakfast I had a leftover-from-vacation mini bagel with a Laughing Cow cheese and some frozen grapes. I had read in a magazine about freezing grapes and I have to say - I am not a big fan of them. They're just too cold on the inside of my mouth. 

My mid-morning snack was a light string cheese and some cherries.

I had skipped the gym during lunch because I was so swamped at work. I tried a new-to-me flavor of Pretzel Crisps - Jalapeno Jack. They were good. AND spicy!

I also had a sandwich thin with a Morningstar Farms black bean burger with a slice of white american cheese and an apple. 

I ended up working really late and had a really crappy day including some words with my boss. Hubby had to fly in the evening. I was home by myself so I curled up with the remaining Hershey's Kisses from our trip and the remote control and finished off the bag. Boo. Nothing like comfort food eating.

Then I felt like I should actually eat some food before I went to bed. We still hadn't been to the grocery store and I didn't feel like cooking so I dug a frozen meal out of the freezer. I've really been good at not eating this stuff on a regular basis and instead eating REAL food - but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

August 12

Monday August 12th was my first day back from vacation. 

I set my alarm and woke up early enough to get in a little pre-work workout session. I did the TurboFire HIIT 15 Class and the TurboFire Tone 30 class. Both were pretty good workouts too!

After my workout I had to rush to get myself dressed and out the door to pick up the kiddos from their dad's for an 8am dentist appointment. Of course he wouldn't couldn't do it. I can count on one hand and still have fingers left over - the amount of times he's actually brought them to the dentist in their 13 years of life!

Everything was fine at the dentist. I had to bring them back to their dad's house afterwards and then drive back to the metro to get myself to work. I was starving and had to break out a little fresh fruit to eat on my morning driving around!   

When I got to work I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of flowers my co-worker had bought for me as a welcome back to work. We hadn't seen each other in 4 weeks because I had taken my 1st week of vacation to Jamaica with hubby then she had taken 2 weeks to see her boyfriend in Belgium and then I had taken my 2nd week to take the RV vacation. What a sweet lady.

After work I REALLY didn't want to get in my 20 minute mile but hubby had text me that he was going out for a walk to help his aching legs (from the 12 mile race). So when I got home I changed my clothes and went out for my run. I tried my new Asics running shoes out AND I wore running shorts for the 1st time. After 15 minutes I did have to stop and walk for 1 minute because it was so hot so I pushed myself to run an extra minute so that I could say I did run a total of 20 minutes. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 11

My son is a movie FANATIC! He wants to see practically every movie that comes out. He's also a pretty avid reader and had read this whole series. He had begged me to take him to see the new Percy Jackson movie so I set my alarm on Sunday morning for early - AGAIN - 3 days in a  row of having to wake up early - ugh!

We headed out to catch the 10:40 am movie. On the way there in the car he filled me in a little on the story line so I wouldn't be completely lost since I didn't see the first one. I tried to be good and packed my own snacks in my purse. I brought a string cheese, a 100 calorie pack of almonds and a baggie of grapes/strawberries/blueberries. But then my son asked for popcorn. I ordered the small. The cashier said "it's only a dollar more for the medium". So I gave in and ordered the medium. Of course he needed help eating it. Of course, right? So I ate what was probably about half the bag and then I still ate the snacks in my purse.  

Mother son movie date

Mini-me had no desire to see the movie so she volunteered to stay home and hang out with her step dad while he recuperated from his race. They were watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off when we got home. Of course hubby hadn't taken it easy though. He was in the midst of laundry and had already cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed the floors.

For lunch I was dying to go to Red Robin. A new one had opened up near our house while we were on vacation so of course I had to go check it out. And of course I had to get the Bottomless Fries. Best.Idea.Ever!  

Love this picture of mini-me

After stuffing ourselves we headed back home. All of us helped put away our laundry and while I was putting away mine I got a jump start on the week and actually pulled out my clothes for the work week!

We were still full after I got back from the kids off at their dad's house so we didn't even eat dinner that night.

August 10

Saturday August 10th my hubby ran the Charles Street 12 race in Baltimore. We had to get up early (AGAIN). My alarm was set for 5, we left the house at 5:45 and we got him to the starting line in Towson, MD at 6:30. He picked up his race packet, I snapped a few pics, and then I saw him off for the start of his race.

After the runners had passed, I got in the car and headed home to pick up the kids because mini-me wanted to see her stepdad cross the finish line. Logistically it was all going to work out in my head - until I missed the exit to get home because I thought the GPS was leading me a longer way (which it wasn't) in addition to getting stuck in construction traffic leading into Baltimore.

When I got in to Baltimore itself I had forgotten that roads were going to be closed due to the race so I had to drive around the outskirts of the city to get to the parking garage closest to the finish line.

Once we parked I hustled the kids out of the car and close to the finish line. I decided to cross the street from where we were standing because it was kind of crowded and I wanted to be able to get a good picture of hubby. As soon as I crossed the street I looked back over at the kids still on the other side of the street and mini-me was pointing. I looked at where she was pointing and I saw the back of hubby heading to the finish line. Yep - I missed my photo shot and I almost missed seeing hubby cross the finish line if mini-me hadn't pointed him out. Shucks!

We did catch up to him on the other side of the finish line and I was able to snap a picture with him and his finisher's medal. Talk about being proud of someone. He completed the whole 12 miles and barely even trained for it. I could have never done that!  

The finish line was at Power Plant Live. All of the racers got a free beer and lunch box coupon so we hung out with hubby while he had a few celebratory beers.

When we got home the kids and I ate a little lunch and then headed out to do some back-to-school shoe shopping for them. They really didn't need a lot of clothes yet since it's still pretty warm for the first couple weeks of school so they just wear shorts and t-shirts. But their shoes were looking raggedy. I bought them 2 pair each and now I'm officially broke!

Hubby was going to rest up his legs while we were shopping but got stir crazy and ended up at the casino.

I ordered pizza for dinner and we watched some more dvr'd shows before bed.