Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 12

Monday August 12th was my first day back from vacation. 

I set my alarm and woke up early enough to get in a little pre-work workout session. I did the TurboFire HIIT 15 Class and the TurboFire Tone 30 class. Both were pretty good workouts too!

After my workout I had to rush to get myself dressed and out the door to pick up the kiddos from their dad's for an 8am dentist appointment. Of course he wouldn't couldn't do it. I can count on one hand and still have fingers left over - the amount of times he's actually brought them to the dentist in their 13 years of life!

Everything was fine at the dentist. I had to bring them back to their dad's house afterwards and then drive back to the metro to get myself to work. I was starving and had to break out a little fresh fruit to eat on my morning driving around!   

When I got to work I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of flowers my co-worker had bought for me as a welcome back to work. We hadn't seen each other in 4 weeks because I had taken my 1st week of vacation to Jamaica with hubby then she had taken 2 weeks to see her boyfriend in Belgium and then I had taken my 2nd week to take the RV vacation. What a sweet lady.

After work I REALLY didn't want to get in my 20 minute mile but hubby had text me that he was going out for a walk to help his aching legs (from the 12 mile race). So when I got home I changed my clothes and went out for my run. I tried my new Asics running shoes out AND I wore running shorts for the 1st time. After 15 minutes I did have to stop and walk for 1 minute because it was so hot so I pushed myself to run an extra minute so that I could say I did run a total of 20 minutes. 

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