Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 14

Wednesday August 14th I had MY dentist appointment at 8am. I was on time - they were running about 10 minutes late. My regular hygienist retired. She had been cleaning my teeth for over 10 years. Her replacement wasn't as friendly and was a little rough around the edges in personality. Plus she seriously attacked my teeth. At one point she had her hand resting on my eyeball - almost flipping out my contact lens while she was doing her cleaning thing. What in the world?!

I was able to get to work by 10 so I didn't feel bad about taking lunch a little later so I could get in a workout. My running schedule called for a 20-25 minute run so I aimed for 22 minutes and nailed it! 22 minutes of non-stop running for me! I was a sweaty mess when I was done too.

After work I picked up the kiddos from their dad's house for my dinner night. Still no groceries in the house so we stopped by Wegman's and picked up food from the hot bar. I made a salad and then tried to count my calories from the signs as I helped myself to a couple of items from their Asian bar. I know I consumed too many calories though. I really need to get back to tracking on MyFitness Pal.