Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 15-18 Weekend Wrap-Up

Thursday morning I saw a number on the scale I really didn't want to see but a number I was sort of expecting. I was up 3.6 pounds since my last weigh-in on August 1st. That pretty much stinks.

As I was packing up my lunch for work - I thought this was a cute shot - the big apple and the little cherry side by side.

It was so cold in the morning I had to pull out a sweater for the commute into work. Is this really August or is it Autumn?!

After work hubby and I dropped by the commissary to pick up a few items. We had picked up some steaks and had them on the grill while I quizzed him for his upcoming test.

Unfortunately we forgot about the steaks and by the time hubby went to check on them - they were on fire. He ended up cutting away at them to make enough salvageable pieces for me for dinner and he ate a corn dog. 

Friday morning I KNEW I had to get up and get in my workout since we were going away for the weekend and I was going to leave work early.

I did TurbFire HIIT 20 Class dvd and ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 1. 

It was another cold morning headed into work and I wore another sweater in August and a closed-toe shoe.

I had SO much work to do before I could leave that I neglected eating breakfast or lunch. I did have a 100 cal pack of these Vanilla Roast Almonds. They are my new favorite. They are delicious and it's a good thing they come in the 100 cal pack or I could see myself eating way more than I needed to. 

When I left work I was STARVING! I stopped at Five Guys on the way home to pick up lil' cheeseburgers for hubby and me.

Yes I was so hungry I actually ate the peanuts at Five Guys for the
1st time EVER while I waited for my order to be ready.

Hubby got stuck in traffic so I scarfed down my cheeseburger and fries before I started packing for the weekend.

We were spending the weekend in Baltimore for a Yellow Ribbon Event. It's basically an event for the service members from his base after they come home from deployment. The families are invited to come and they hold break-out sessions related to different topics the service member and/or their families members may need addressed post-deployment.

The actual event was starting until Saturday morning so on Friday night we walked from out hotel over to the Orioles game. We had great seats and it was a lot of fun! 

After the game we met up with some of hubby's friends from work at a nearby bar. We stayed up way too late and were really paying for it Saturday morning when our alarms went off 3 hours after we laid our heads down to sleep.

Most of the seminars were pretty good. They provided lunch at the hotel but a group of us walked over to The Cheesecake Factory. Don't be fooled by their "lunch portions". I ordered the lunch pizza and salad which was a Caesar salad that I only ate half of and a barbecue chicken pizza. I was full after the first piece of pizza but I forced down two more slices.

The afternoon seminars dragged on from then on. The 4:00 one was the worst. The lady speaking had the most monotone voice. I thought I was going to fall asleep so I checked my Instagram under the table to try to stay awake.

Dinner was at 5. It was much better than the normal chicken, potatoes and veggies they serve at conferences. This dinner had a mashed potato station which was YUMMY, a sliders table which included veggie, turkey, beef or bison burgers, and a crab dip/crackers/veggies type station. I was getting pretty full off of the crab dip and the mashed potatoes stations but of course I still helped myself to two beef sliders and a couple of fries. 

Afterwards a group of us went for drinks at Pratt Street Ale House. I was too full to drink beer so I had 2 Captain Morgan with Diet Cokes and called it a night. It was a REALLY long day.

Sunday morning we still had to get up early for breakfast and one more break-out session. 

When we got home our next door neighbor came over with a crumpled up envelope in his hand. Another one of our neighbors had found it at the front of our development. It was hubby's. Friday morning he had mailed a check to the IRS along with their payment coupon. Evidently some thieves went into our mailbox, removed the envelope, opened it, and helped themselves to the check and either tossed or dropped the rest. The very unfortunate thing about this is that hubby's Social Security number was on the check - as instructed by the IRS to do so when sending in a check.

So we ended up going to the police station to file a report. Then we had to go to the bank to close the account. Thank GOODNESS our bank has branches in the grocery store so they were open on Sunday! And then we did our grocery shopping since we were there anyway.

We hadn't done a BIG grocery shopping in quite awhile since we were coming and going between vacations and kids vs non-kids weeks for the past couple of months - so this bill was a little hefty - $250! Plus we went to Safeway which always seems more expensive to me. I prefer Giant but it's further away. Also we ended up buying some "Sam's Club" items from the grocery store to save time. I've been reading about how inexpensive Aldi is so I might check them out this weekend. I went one other time and I wasn't impressed because it wasn't what I was expecting (no name brands) but now I know what to expect so I'm willing to give them another try.

The Ex dropped the kids off late AGAIN. The day before school starts. Nothing should surprise me about him anymore. NOTHING.

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