Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26 - Dr Appointment

Monday morning bright and early I had an appointment for my 5 month follow-up mammogram. All was clear so I don't have to go back again for 6 months. Looks like I might be on this every 6 month cycle for awhile.

I didn't get to work until mid-morning so I used it as my "rest day" since I had worked out the previous 7 days. Here's a summary of last week's workouts:

Mon - 2 mile run
Tue - Fitness Class App - Bootcamp Workout
Wed - 2.15 mile run
Thu - Fitness Class App - HIIT workout
Fri - 2.36 mile run
Sat - TurboFire and ChaLean Extreme dvd workouts
Sun - 3 mile run

That was a very successful exercise week for me. 

Total workout minutes: 286
Total miles run: 9.51

Food and tracking - eh... still needs some work.

I actually didn't bring any food with me to work on Monday because I didn't know how long I would be at the Dr. They are usually so slow and backed up there. 

When I was done I hit up Whole Foods hot bar for some breakfast (a delicious frittata and a cup of fruit) that I brought back to the office to eat at my desk.

I had also picked up lunch - a roast beef and cheese sandwich and a pasta salad. Although I'm sure they were both healthy because they were sold at Whole Foods - I don't think they were low-calorie...

I had a Luna Bar for a late snack before I headed home.

I was too full to eat dinner. Those Whole Food portions may have actually been for 2 people but I ate the entire sandwich and the whole pasta salad in the container. I had planned to have Sunday's leftover pork tenderloin for dinner but I was just too full. Hubby ate it though and said it was delicious. I'll bring mine to work on Tuesday for lunch.

We were a day late and watched the MTV Video Music Awards from the dvr and saw the train wreck that was Miley Cyrus. Talk about an awful performance, an awful portrayal, I just don't know what she was thinking - IF she was thinking. My kids grew up watching her on Hannah Montana. I didn't even save the awards show in the dvr for them to watch although they'll probably see her performance off of You Tube from one of their friends. 

Lady Gaga was great and Justin Timberlake was AWESOME. He is such a great performer! Now I have to hit up itunes and download some of his older songs. First I must figure out how to get the songs from my ipod onto my iphone. I don't remember my original itunes user information from ages ago when I first got my ipod so maybe I'll be able to transfer the songs from my ipod onto my laptop and then from the laptop load them onto my iphone? I'll have to give it a try - maybe do a Google search first. 

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