Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 4

Sunday August 4th was busy day. I had to get up early again for a weekend. On the schedule was a 2 mile run. Hubby came with me - pretty slow average pace for me - 12.11. I downloaded and used a new app - Runtastic. I also listened to Pandora through my phone rather than using my ipod. Only one thing for me to carry on my runs - now I just need an arm band so I don't have to hold my phone. 

I had to hurry and take a shower because I had a 10am nail/pedicure appointment. I went with a funky purplish color on my toes for vacation.

The rest of the day/afternoon/evening was spent getting ready for our RV vacation. Hubby made all the beds and started loading up the food, drinks and utensils. I put in all of the kids and my clothes and cooked some spaghetti for dinner that night and to pack as leftovers for the trip. I also made a big bowl of tuna fish and hubby made a big container of pasta salad.

Of course the ex-husband brought the kids back LATE...AGAIN. And this time he had the nerve to go into OUR RV. Yep - just walked right in. It was unlocked in our driveway because we kept going back and forth so in his normal self entitled way - we decided to get out of his car, walk up our driveway and go into our RV. What a douche move. Seriously. I would never do such a thing - walk up to someone else's property, open the door and just go in to look around. Hubby was more pissed than me - and THAT was a lot! I told the kids when they came inside that that was pretty rude.

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