Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 5 - First Day of our RV Vacation

Monday August 5th was our first day of vacation. We got up uber early - 4am - so that we could leave by 5:30. The kids were able to just come downstairs from the bedrooms in their pajamas with their pillows and hop in their RV bunks and go back to sleep. 

Our first stop was the Statue of Liberty. My son had said he has always wanted to ride in an RV and also see the Statue of Liberty - so I combined both of his wishes into this vacation.

Yes - we took a ton of pictures at the Statue of Liberty - and here are just some of them:   

It took us about four hours to include a stop for gas and a rest stop for hubby to go to the bathroom to get to Liberty State Park in New Jersey rather than us trying to navigate an RV through New York. From the park it was just a short ferry ride over to the Statue of Liberty. The only military discount they offered was $3 off of a ticket for the actual military member - nothing for his family. We both thought that was kind of strange - come on - it IS the Statue of Liberty - he IS a soldier fighting for our freedom. Do they really think military members are going to visit the Statue of Liberty by themselves and not with their families? Weird.

A cool thing about having the RV was that when we got back to the park from our ferry ride we were able to make our own lunches and eat it right there in the RV instead of having to spend money on food there.

When we were done eating we headed off to our next destination - Hershey Park! We had campground reservations there for Monday and Tuesday night. We really wanted to be there before dark so we could get all set up. That was another 3 1/2 hour drive. Poor hubby - all that driving!

My daughter invading what her brother considered to be his "man cave" above the driver and passenger seats.

Nothing like a rest stop photo opp:

We arrived at the campground with plenty of daylight left. I had a beer, my son had a root beer - cheers - we're here!

Hi hubby!

No cable TV - guess it's board games for us!!

Hubby taught my son how to build a fire:

More board game playing while we waited for the fire to be ready to cook dinner on:

Ahhhhh.... dinner....we did what all campers are supposed to do - we cooked hot dogs over the grill and then made s'mores! The hot dogs must have been really good (since I didn't buy the healthy ones for vacation) because the kids each ate 2 - WITH buns!  

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