Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 6 - Day 2 of Vacation - Hershey Park

We all had a good night's sleep our first night in the RV. 

When we woke up on Tuesday morning - Day 2 of our vacation - hubby and I walked over to the restroom/shower areas and took our showers there rather in the little RV shower stall. It wasn't bad in the shower area - it was clean and they had the stall roomy enough to be able to hang your stuff and a bench to put some stuff on too.

We ate breakfast in the RV before we headed to Hershey Park.

We took the campground provided shuttle straight to the Park. While we were standing outside of the Park waiting for hubby to go to the bathroom, a woman walked up and asked if we had tickets to go in yet. We said no. She had an extra one so she handed it to my daughter. How nice was that?!? Saved us almost $60!

Then we got an additional discount from Hershey for the military discount! 

My son loves to ride roller coasters - my daughter doesn't.  So hubby went on the rides with him while I hung out with her. We did go on the ride that takes you over the park and took some pictures:

My mini me

We went to the arcade, we ate lunch, we waited around for the guys. I went on one roller coaster. It was one of the more mild and tame ones. That was enough for me!

It was a little chilly out that day so we shopped around for some sweatshirts for all of us. Who woulda thought we would be cold in AUGUST?

Love this man and his sense of humor!

Before we left the Park we made sure to go on the Hershey tour and of course - buy some chocolate!

Hubby having a grand ole time on the tour!

We got back to the campground pretty late and climbed into our beds. It was a full, fun Hershey Day!

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