Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 7 - Day 3 of Vacation

Wednesday August 7th was our 3rd day of vacation.

Me and mini-me observed as the guys had to drain out the toilet tank. I didn't really think my son was going to physically help but he jumped in like a champ!  

Putting on the gloves

I couldn't have been more happy and proud that he willingly wanted to help out.

After that fun and excitement we piled into the RV to hit up the grocery store. Due to the cooler than expected weather - we cancelled our plan to go to Ocean City, MD for Wednesday and Thursday. Instead we decided to just finish out our vacation at Hershey since it wasn't going to be nice enough weather to hang out at a beach. We did have to move RV spots though. Unfortunately the new location backed up to a rail road track. Nice... NOT - especially in he middle of the night!  

We didn't do much the rest of the afternoon because it kept looking like it was going to rain. We had hot dogs and s'mores again for dinner then hubby and the kids went to the campground arcade for a little bit while I read. It started raining so I had to hurry and pack up the chairs before they got soaked. Hubby and the kids weren't as fortunate - they got pretty wet on their way back to the RV.

It actually stormed for awhile. That was the only time we turned on the tv on vacation - so we could stay updated with the storm.

We ended the night with a game of Yahtzee. 

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