Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 9 - Day 5 of Vacation

Friday was our last day of the RV vacation. We had only rented it for a week and since we had picked it up on Saturday we had to return it by 3:30pm on Friday.

Hubby and I set our alarms for early. We had coffee together and took a final walk around the campground while the kids slept.

We packed up all of the last minute stuff and stopped one more time to drain the toilet system before we hit the road for home.

When we arrived home everyone pitched in to unload the RV. We even got some laundry started. Surprisingly the kids wanted to ride with us back to Delaware to return the RV. Normally they don't like to ride long distances in a car which is why it was surprising that they wanted to come with us.

On the ride up mini-me took one last little RV nap

We stopped at hubby's parents house first so that I could get our car and follow them to the RV place. We visited with them for a few minutes and then had to get on the road to fill up the RV gas tank and return it on time.

The people there were so nice and friendly. They even showed up the inside of one of the really big bus-like RVs. The kids have already stated they want to go on another RV trip next year. Of course hubby and son are thinking someplace like the Grand Canyon. I'm thinking let's take an intermediate step and maybe try a trip to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach.

By the time we got the RV dropped off and checked out it was after 4:00 and we were STARVING.

Hubby recommended a place to us - Pat's Pizza that was pretty good. Of course we all filled up on appetizers and had to pack up at least half of our actual meals to take home with us.

Everyone stayed awake for the drive home. We caught up on some of the shows in the dvr (TV withdrawal for my son) and then hubby turned in pretty early because he had a big 12 mile race he was running in bright and early on Saturday morning! I stayed up pretty late watching TV with the kids and catching up on my social media.

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