Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This week's workout schedule

Yesterday morning I had to revise my 10K training schedule by almost a full week. I slacked off all of last week and into the long weekend so I only did one workout for the whole week. Booooo....

Mon - REST Day
Tue - NONE (Eye problems - went to Dr)
Wed - Run 2.3 miles
Thu - NONE
Fri - NONE
Sat - NONE
Sun - NONE

My co-worker and I were keeping a log off our exercise minutes for the month. For the month of August I got in 578 minutes. Not great - but I did have a week long vacation in there that I didn't exercise. I do need to get better at exercising when I'm away from home.

I didn't workout Monday or Tuesday of this week so here's what I have planned for the remainder of this week:

Mon - NONE
Tue - NONE
Wed - Run 25-30 min (lunchtime)/ChaLean Extreme Burn It Off (PM)
Thu - TurboFire HIIT 15 + ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 3 (PM)
Fri - ChaLean Extreme Burn Intervals + Abs 10 (AM)/Run 30-35 min (lunchtime)
Sat - TurboFire HIIT 20 + Tone 30
Sun - Run 4 Miles

I was SUPPOSED to be having lunch with a girlfriend visiting from Seattle yesterday but that fell through. I also thought I was going to have to leave work early to pick the kids up from cross country track but then mini me text me during her lunchtime that practice was cancelled. So basically I brought no lunch and no gym clothes to work with me yesterday because I thought I had all these plans and then nothing panned out. I had to run out and pick up something to eat for lunch.

I got this Cobb Salad from Pret A Manger. It was REALLY good and only 430 calories (or so their website claims). I had it with their Skinny Vinaigrette Dressing which is only 15 calories. 

Unfortunately I got hungry soon after and ate my greek yogurt and almonds and then proceeded to scarf down everything in my line of sight once I got home.

My daughter forwarded me the soccer schedule since I obviously wasn't going to get it from her dad after my numerous requests to him over the weekend. Once again it's going to be a challenging season game wise. This league has games all over the county and they play on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays at all various times. The season ends November 1st. Nuff said.

#fmsphotoaday Sept 3 - Lines


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