Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 27 - September 2

Tuesday August 27th I went to to the ladies room at lunchtime before I headed downstairs to the gym for my run. When I looked in the mirror - this is what I saw!

My eye looked like it was bleeding inside. It freaked me out. I flashed back to the day last week when I was washing my face and I felt like a contact had flipped out of my eye so I put another one in. Maybe I actually had two contacts in at the same time?

I looked up some nearby eye places and walked over to the closest one I could find so I could have a Dr examine my eye. The good news was there wasn't a second contact lens in there. The bad news was my eye was probably going to look worse before it got better.

It didn't stop me from getting my nails and toes done that evening though! 

Wednesday I wore my glasses to work. I brought my contacts in so I could wear them during my lunchtime workout. I sweat so much when I run I can't imagine wearing my glasses. I don't even wear sunglasses when I run.   

Lunchtime run

Thursday morning I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh-in. I was glad to see a little bit of progress - ALMOST a pound down! 

I did bring in and try a new-to-me greek yogurt I bought at the Organic Market last weekend. It was good!

For lunch the girls in the office were taking one of our co-workers out for her bridal luncheon. We went to Jaleo. I knew the meal was going to be challenging for me since it's all small plate "tapas" foods meant for sharing therefore I wasn't going to have control over what was ordered. My contribution on the ordering was a salad but I ate plenty of the other items too and drank 2 glasses of wine since we didn't have to go back to work. 

Cute serving dish!

The ladies of the office

We ended up getting our meal for free because we found a cockroach on our table. Blech! The bride-to-be knocked it on the floor. The manager ended up comping the whole meal.

Afterwards we walked across to a Mexican restaurant for happy hour. I only stayed for one quick beer because I had to get to the kids' school for Back to School Night.

I didn't have a complete schedule from the kids because they had brought it to their dad's and none of them were going to Back to School night because unbeknownst to me - their dad had his 1st soccer practice that night. He's decided he's coaching our daughter's team this year so he took her to practice and left our son at his house doing homework.

Fortunately for me this year the kids have the same exact schedule so I only had to run around to one classroom per period. But without the kids there I was totally lost. I kept calling my son between classes to figure out where I was supposed to be headed.

Friday we only had to work a half day which was nice since hubby and I were going out of town for the Labor Day Weekend.

We headed up to Delaware.

Friday night we went to the casino. I did okay for a little while but lost my money a lot faster than hubby. He spent hours on the craps table.

Saturday morning we went downstairs in the hotel for breakfast and then came back up to our room and watched tv and lounged around for a bit. 

We finally got up and dressed and went to go see the horse races. I had never seen one in person before. Hubby's horse even won his bet!  

We only had time to stay for the one race though because we had promised hubby's brother and his fiance that we would come by their house. We hung out at their place for quite awhile and then headed back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we got up and dressed because we had to check out by noon. While I was showering hubby brought back some Dunkin Donuts coffee and some munchkins. Can you believe the pumpkin flavored coffee and munchkins are out already? It's only September 1st!!  

#fmsphotoaday - Sept 1 - Together (coffee and donut holes)

We hit the mall for a couple of sweatshirts for mini me since last week she wore the heck out of the one sweatshirt I had bought her. Hubby even bought her a couple of t-shirts and a sweatshirt from Aeropostale too. Boy did we feel old standing in line for the register - the store was filled with teeny boppers!

After the mall we went by hubby's parents house for a late lunch and to catch up with them. We got back to Maryland with plenty of time to spare before the kids' arrival. Surprisingly they were only about 30 minutes late.

Monday the kids finished up homework while hubby and I did stuff around the house. I had to go through and purge some paperwork and straighten up my files. Then I took the kids to play mini golf and to get some frozen yogurt.

We stopped at Five Below because mini me had a gift card she wanted to use and then we stopped at Wegman's to pick up a couple of items for the kids' lunches this week.

Hubby had popped a frozen lasagna in the oven by the time we got back and he headed out for a run. I couldn't go with him because I wanted to get my hair washed, blow-dried and flat-ironed before dinner because I was going to do my daughter's hair after dinner and my Fantasy Football Draft was taking place at 9pm EST so I was getting crunched for time.

My hair came out great - definitely time to get these ends trimmed though. And my daughter's hair came out good. I sure do wish the lady her dad hires to do her hair when she's over there would stop cutting her hair though!

The Fantasy Football Draft was CRAZY! I had never done it before and they only gave you 30 seconds per selection. I had researched some players the night before but I didn't have any clue how the actual draft worked. Hubby chipped in and helped me navigate the site and pick some of players because of course all of the top players went so fast. But now my team is set and I can't wait for football to start!! Woo-hoo - Fall is finally really here!

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