Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Night Football

Last Monday my boss and most of the office was out of town for a convention so he gave me and my co-worker friend the Washington Redskins football tickets he had for that night. It was the season opener - on Monday night - and we were playing the Philadelphia Eagles.

I made sure I had a hearty lunch because I wasn't sure what I would be eating later in the evening or when I would be eating.

I had this Cobb salad wrap from Pret A Manger and it was delicious!

Now - THAT's a fan car!

Me and my co-worker friend

Something was evidently funny!

We had some pretty good seats too - on the end zone

Pic I took for hubby - thanking our troops

Ummmm... why yes it did get humid - check out that hair!! 

The Redskins lost. By a lot. My friend saw her ex-boyfriend there so he brought us up on the reserved level at halftime. It was crowded up there and from then on we only watched the game on the TV screens. I wish hubby would have been there so I would have someone to hang out with in our own seats.

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