Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Week's Workout Schedule

Well obviously this post sat in my draft folder for too long. Here it is Thursday and it is titled "This Week's Workout Schedule".

This is what I was GOING to attempt for the week.

Big dreamer... 

Monday - Run 5 Miles or 5K
Tuesday - TurboFire HIIT 25 + Upper 20 dvds
Wednesday - Run 30 - 45 minutes
Thursday - TurboFire HIIT 30 + Lower 20 dvds
Friday - Run 30 -45 minutes
Saturday - REST DAY - it's my BIRTHDAY!!
Sunday - TurboFire Stretch 40 dvd

Monday I didn't workout. Hubby brought wine home. The guy at the liquor store told him about a new drink to make - a moscatini. It's moscato with a shot of Grey Goose. I may or may not have had two of these. They were YUMMY!

My son text me from his dad's house again this week. He's having problems with his dad wanting him to dress basically like a nerd and not letting him dress the way he wants and always has (jeans and an athletic t-shirt). I feel bad for him. Who wants to be uncomfortable with their clothes in 8th grade?

A box of candies that originated in Seattle - makes me homesick.

Tuesday I didn't work out either. We were having a board meeting/working session that took up most of the day. Then afterwards the whole office went next door for a short happy hour.

Wednesday I FINALLY got to the gym for a lunchtime 10K training run. I still had to take a couple of one minute walks but I didn't feel too bad. 

Shortly after lunch - 2:30 to be exact - the rest of my day immediately went downhill. Ex-husband texted me that the kids had a track meet at 5. That evening. News to me. It was SUPPOSED to be my night for dinner with the kids. I was SUPPOSED to be leaving working at 3:30 to pick them up. I was furious. Furious at the kids for not letting me know in advance. I pay for iphones for both of them and they couldn't even take the time to text me in the morning and tell me about the change in plans? Whew I was hot! So hot I took their phones until Sunday. I did calm down a bit and realized that I could just go ahead and activate the parental controls on their phones so they could only text or call me and their dad. Can you believe their dad actually asked if I'd add his girlfriend to the list? Is he crazy? Of course I didn't! What a nut job. Seriously.

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