Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a Week!

Last week blogging got away from me!

Hubby had to stay in Delaware for work for most of the week. Here's a pic he sent to me of him all decked out in his gear.

Wednesday I got in a 10K training lunchtime run.

After work I picked the kids up for dinner and then for dessert had one of the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Cups. They sure are TINY - but I put a little squirt of chocolate syrup on it and it was enough to satisfy my after dinner sweet tooth.

I'll take being a little high in carbs since I was so low in fat and high in protein!

Thursday's lunchtime workout I used the My Fitness Class App and did a 30 minute Core HIIT workout. I really need to remember to use this app more - I paid $9.99 for one month's access! 

Thursday's carbs, fat and protein weren't too bad once again!

Friday the 13th I got in another 10K training run during lunch.

Friday evening we attended mini me's soccer game. They blew the other team out! The score was 11-0 and mini me scored either 5 or 6 of those goals!

Saturday morning I got up and went dress shopping for my co-worker friend's wedding coming up on this Saturday. I lucked out and found something within the first 20 minutes of shopping. Loft is usually always good to me!  

Saturday evening hubby and I headed out to see his brother and his fiance who were in town for a wedding. We hung out at the VFW while they attended the wedding and then we met them back at their hotel after the wedding.

Fortunately I was the DD for the evening so I didn't feel awful (just tired) early Sunday morning when we had to get up for our 5K. We didn't get home until about 1am and we had to be up at 6:30 for the race.

This was the second time we've done the Fort McHenry Tunnel Race. I don't remember why we didn't do it last year - but we did it in 2011 and my time was 37:11. I had just started running seriously in that year so I was determined to beat my time this year.

Well - it was probably the combination of sleepiness and lack of water the previous day but I was exhausted and started feeling claustrophobic in that tunnel around mile 2. I ended up doing a kind of walk/run for that last mile.

The race isn't chip timed so I used my heart rate monitor and came up with this time:

The "official" bib time they posted however was 37:28. Slower than two years ago. Next year I'm determined to do this race again and properly prepare the day/night before with proper sleep and hydration.

Hubby goofing off with my phone


After the race I got to meet my idol Ernestine Shepherd. She is a 77 year old body builder! She was the sweetest, nicest person. I hope I'm still working out when I'm her age. And that I look as good as she does!

When we got home, showered, and ate - the football games were on. At the same time. Hubby is a Ravens fan and I'm a Redskins fan. Rather than watching our games in separate rooms - hubby pulled the tv from the kitchen into the family room so we could keep an eye on both games at the same time!

The kids came back from their dad's house on Sunday evening - not TERRIBLY late - but of course - never on time. We had their new favorite for dinner - pork loin roast that I had bought at Aldi's. They ate it all up too - I didn't even have leftovers to bring in to work for lunch on Monday.

The Seahawks and the 49ers were playing the late game. I have both Wilson and Kaepernick as my Fantasy Football Quarterbacks so after a quick Facebook poll I went ahead and started Wilson. Good decision to since he ended up getting me more points. I stayed up way too late watching the game since there was an hour weather delay and paid for it Monday morning.

Hubby was off from work on Monday so he was able to pick the kiddos up from cross country practice for me. I got caught up on a lot of stuff at work and am hoping to have a pretty productive week both at work and at home. 

Look - I even got caught up on my blog!

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