Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two A Days... Again

Tuesday morning I woke up early and popped in a ChaLean Extreme dvd. Gotta get my strength training back in my workout rotation.

The only problem is my Polar heart rate monitor has been acting up so I tried using the Garmin hubby bought while he was overseas. Ummmm.... something doesn't seem right - 36 calories burned in 33 minutes? Gimme a break!

I really don't want to have to buy another heart rate monitor. I just bought my current one last October which I saw when I went on Amazon to price a replacement. I'm going to have to try changing the batteries and if that doesn't work I guess I'll have to try sending it back to Polar. These things are too expensive to have to replace every year!

During my lunchtime I went out for workout #2. I decided to speed walk to try to map out a running route. I got in almost 2.5 miles too! This is also the 1st time the heart rate monitor had a lower calorie burn reading than the Runkeeper app. Something definitely isn't right with the heart rate monitor. Unless Polar just reads higher all the time. Which could be ONE of my problems since I always tend to eat back my workout calories. 

After dinner I did a little meal prep for today. I boiled eggs and cut up strawberries for the kids and me for breakfast.

I also packed up the fixings for a taco salad for lunch made from Monday night's dinner leftovers. Instead of taco shells or chips though I used these Triscuits and crushed them up in the salad. They were really good and added additional flavor. As a dressing I used 2 Tbsp salsa and 1 Tbsp fat free ranch dressing mixed together. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I ate it.

After the meal prepping and kitchen cleaning was done I plopped on the couch and watched last week's Survivor on the dvr with hubby and the kids. I'm glad Brad had to go home! I turned in early - another two a day workout day is on the schedule for Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Weekend

Friday night hubby and I kept it low key since I had my 5K Saturday morning. We ordered food from a little Italian place in the neighborhood and brought it home. We tried to watch the movie "Flight" On Demand but it was only available to buy and not to rent yet so we ended up watching some of the shows from the DVR.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for my race. I couldn't believe it was 32 degrees! Brrrr.... I bundled up and we headed out.

Wouldn't you know I PR'd the race? My "official" time was 32:21. My Runkeeper app didn't have it as a full 5K though. Either way - I'll take that pace!! Look who's getting faster! This girl!

After the race hubby and I made our customary Dunkin Donuts stop. I tried to be more healthy and order the sausage egg white flat. Blech! It was awful. I had to pour ketchup on it just to get it down. Never again will I order that.

In the afternoon we headed out. Our first stop was to look for cold weather running gear for both of us. I stocked up on the running tights at Marshall's and then I ended up getting jackets from Dick's Sporting Goods.  

Mini-me had a soccer game at 3:45 so we went to watch that (they won and she scored one of the goals!). Afterwards we went on a bowling date. 


Sunday morning I lounged around in bed catching up on blogs, Instagram and Facebook before I finally put our grocery list together. We went to Sam's Club first and then when we were on our way to the commissary - the ex-husband called to ask if the kids could be dropped off late because they were going to be at his parent's house with his sister.

There is something about just seeing his phone number come up in my caller ID that raises my blood pressure. I know it's always drama whenever he contacts me. I really can't wait till the kiddos are 18 and I won't have to deal with him anymore!

Once the phone call was over I was irritated so hubby and I went to have a drink. We went to Maryland Live Casino. I did awful - as usual - and was out of money pretty quickly.

Shortly after we got home I had to run out to get the kids and then the four of us stayed up watching some DVR'd shows - Amazing Race and The Voice.

The kiddos didn't have school yesterday - teacher in-service day - or something like that. Hubby was already scheduled off for that day so I went ahead and requested it too so I could hang out with my family for the day. First up - a run with hubby. It was his first run since he injured his foot last week so we agreed we would only run for 30 minutes and then meet back at the car.

I tried out the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor hubby bought me while he was overseas since my Polar HRM is slowly dying.

A little post run fuel -

The flavor and the walnuts were good. The seeds threw me off. I don't think I would get it again. It's a texture thing for me.

Hubby and I did the grocery shopping while the kids did their homework and got dressed. Then we took them out for lunch to a pizza place nearby that I had a Living Social deal for. Afterwards we took them bowling! We had the whole place to ourselves practically!

When we got home I poured myself a lil drink to end my long weekend off with. Hubby and I cooked tacos for dinner. 

I needed it too. I got into it a little bit with the kiddos regarding their cell phones. I am so sick of the cell phone drama. I'm **this close** to either cutting their phones off or finding little flip phones for them to use! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Not Working

Last Thursday's weigh-in was awful. My weight was up over 2 pounds from the previous week. My food tracking just isn't where it needs to be. I tend to take the weekends off from tracking an entire day's food and just pick and choose what I want to log. I'm not giving myself a treat "meal" on the weekend. It's more like I'm having an entire treat "weekend". I cancelled the South Beach trial plan before they started charging my debit card. I pulled up the Weight Watchers on-line plan. But it's not that I need a new PLAN. What I need is some will power and discipline when it comes to my food. My exercise has been good - although cardio heavy. I need to start incorporating more strength training into my workouts. I've been having a tough time trying to get up in the mornings to workout. It's not that it was easier before - maybe I was just motivated before? I have to find my motivation again. I've been stagnant at this weight forever and I hate it.

I did get in a 30 minute run at lunchtime. Cardio, cardio, cardio. 

I started a new book:

The second Heather Wardell book in a row I'm reading. 

I'm doing my best to get my water in. I sent hubby this picture from work. He thinks I'm drinking TOO much water. I can honestly say I've never been accused of THAT before! 

Friday I didn't pack a lunch to bring to work so I had to run out at lunchtime and buy an expensive ($9) salad from the deli across the street. It was good but geez - $9 is a lot of money for one single salad! 

My second Bulu Box arrived.

I'm still not impressed. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I signed up for this trial but I know I won't be continuing with it when the trial is over. The products appear to be somewhat suspect to me - meaning I've never heard of them so I feel like I need to do some Google research on them before I even try them.  

My daughter was teasing me because I didn't have a wallpaper on my phone. I downloaded an app that has a ton of them and I found this one. Now she's teasing me because of the wallpaper I chose. Teenagers!

Friday night my daughter's soccer game was at 9pm. She loves those late game. Me - meh... I can pass on them. First of all I'm usually beat tired by Friday night after a week of work and just want to order pizza and watch a movie with the kids and hubby. Second of all it was freezing. So I was drinking a grande Starbucks vanilla latte and wearing a down coat to try to stay awake and stay warm! 

Yea - they won!

Saturday morning hubby had a 5K. I didn't sign up for it because I had a 6 mile training run I had to do over the weekend. It was freezing so again I had to bundle up and drink my coffee! See a pattern here for me spectating outdoor activities?

Hubby pre-race

Approaching the finish line

Unfortunately hubby injured his foot about a mile into the race. He still finished but he was in a lot of pain. We came home and he rested it while I took a nap. When I woke up I went and ran my 6 miles.

I did it!! 6 miles!! My own personal distance record! I can't believe it. Next up - 7 miles!

I was CRUISING my first mile! Woo-hoo!

Check out that calorie burn!

The rest of Saturday evening was spent lounging around the house, resting hubby's foot and my legs, eating pizza, and catching up on the dvr with the kiddos.

Sunday I took the kids to the mall. Mini me needed new jeans. Who knew they made jeans in size 000? My poor son was bored out of his mind!

Monday there was only 3 of us at work because everyone else was in Las Vegas for a convention. I went to the gym during my lunch and set the treadmill to the 5K setting. It's pretty cool in that it periodically adjusts the incline to simulate outdoor running.  

The only problem is that my heart rate monitor stopped working at some pont during my run. I hate when that happens.

Wednesday I got in another lunchtime 5K. My heart rate monitor was still acting up though.

Mini me placed 3rd place for girls in her cross country final meet!  

And on a final note for this catch-up post...

I lost 1.4 pounds for the week! I was aiming for 2.4 but I'm happy with the 1.4. Over the next 7 days I definitely want to add in strength training workouts and to keep tracking my food and STAYING within my calorie allotments!  

I'm not running my 7 mile training run this weekend. I have a Fort Meade 5K on Saturday morning so I postponed the 7 miler till next weekend. So this weekend's goals are to run the 5K, do a strength training workout and track and stay within my calories using MyFitness Pal.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

My poor lil blog gets so neglected by me. I do like to keep it up for myself as a kind of journal to refer back to. One day I'll probably actually tell my family and close friends about it - but until I can seriously dedicate myself to posting more often I probably won't. It will just be me and hubby and the few followers I do actually have reading it!

The end of last week was rainy and dreary for days. I don't have any of the rubber rain boots that a lot of grown women do wear so I pulled out my blue cowboy-like boots to slosh around in the rain on casual Friday - yea for jeans to work!

I had wanted to go out for dinner Friday night and I was thinking about going to Red Robin. But then I saw this email from Red Robin for Saturday benefitting Special Olympics so we changed our dinner plans.

We tried out a new-to-us Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood. It's actually been open for almost a year but hubby and I had never been before. Can anyone say yum.... Chips and salsa and margaritas!!

Saturday morning it was still dreary and drizzly. I didn't really feel like running my 5 mile 10K training run but hubby convinced me to go with him and just do it - get it out of the way for the long weekend. I'm glad I did it too. We went to Fort Meade and ran there. Afterwards I was amazed with myself. I couldn't believe that I had completed 5 miles. It was a big boost to my confidence that I'll be able to successfully complete November's 10K.  

I LOVED the calorie burn too! Totally earned the Red Robin burger I've been waiting for! 

Oh yeah.... THIS happened...

Yum yum!

After we stuffed ourselves we drove to Maryland Live Casino. It was fun. I didn't win. Hubby did okay.

Sunday morning we went to the commissary for groceries and then spent the whole day watching football.

Can't wait!!! I will be watching!

Monday the kids had school but hubby and I were off for Columbus Day. After I dropped them off at school I stopped at a couple of stores in search of pumpkin creamer. I couldn't find it. I did find this though.

Now how cool is this veggie platter? Hubby and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house so you better believe I'll be all over Pinterest soon for some hosting ideas!

I say it almost every night when I get in the bed - I love our bed! It is SOOOO comfortable!

Tuesday I had to leave work early to pick up the kids from cross country practice so I didn't get in a lunchtime workout. Instead I went for a run when we got home while the kids did their homework. Unfortunately while I was out running - a small dog got mixed up in between my feet and I stumbled in the grass. I got up and was really irritated. Plus I had to limp off for a few minutes. Irritating. 

Wednesday during my lunchtime I got in a cross training workout using the My Fitness Class App on my ipad.

Although I didn't burn a lot of calories I definitely got in a good arm workout!

How cool are these t-shirts? I need one... or two in my life...