Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm 45 Y'all

My birthday was on Saturday. I turned 45. Wow! By just typing the number it sounds like I'm getting old but I don't feel like it and don't look like it so I'm actually okay with turning 45.

I didn't blog as much last year - not like I do a lot of it now - but I would like to set some goals for myself in writing for my 45th year. Namely - I want to run a half marathon. I've been saying it and now it's in writing - on the internet to say the least! I also would like to lose 10 pounds. I'm so fixated on the number on the scale and then jeans shopping this weekend was pretty discouraging - that I think 10 pounds might help me mentally feel good about the progress that I have made and let me completely focus on just getting stronger and faster.

Hubby had a weekend training refresher in Bethany Beach over the weekend so since it was also my birthday weekend I used it as a little getaway weekend. Rather than staying at the training site we booked a room at a local hotel about a mile away.

Check out the tub IN the room?!? Weird right?

I enjoyed a little pre-cocktail hour with hubby in our room before we met up with the rest of the guys for his work social/happy hour.

The guy in the hat's birthday was on Friday so here's a picture of the gang helping him drink his birthday drink - out of a plastic fish bowl! 

Saturday morning I dropped hubby off at the training facility and then drove to the outlets in Ocean City. I gave myself a "birthday budget" on how much shopping I could do over the weekend.

Saturday evening was a little more low-key. We went back to the training facility where a bunch of the guys were hanging out at one trailer. They had food and drinks so that's where we ended up for my birthday night. The original plan had been to drop by for a visit and then the two of us go out for dinner but we ended up hanging out with the guys for so long that I got hungry and had to eat right then and there.

Sunday morning hubby took the car to training so I could sleep in a little. I had to be at breakfast by 9:30 though. Why would they stop serving breakfast at 9:30 on a Sunday? Crazy! 

After I ate I got dressed and packed up all of our stuff because hubby was coming back to help me load up the car. I dropped him back off at training and then headed out for some more outlet shopping! He only had a half day of classes so we got home in time to watch the end of the Ravens game.

After the game I picked up some steamed Alaskan crab legs for my birthday dinner with the kids and some lunch items to make the kids' lunches for the week (since we hadn't gone to the grocery store all week).

The kids were dropped off (relatively) on-time... but with a BUNCH of homework to do still. Major foul on their dad's part - I NEVER drop them off on Sunday's with a bunch of homework to do. PLUS they didn't have school on Friday so they had a ton of time to get it all done. 

My son was up till 10:45 getting it all done! I was furious!

Monday was cross country practice for the kiddos after school so I had to leave work early to pick them up so no lunchtime gym activity for me. They were both starving when they got in the car so I stopped at Noodles and Company to pick them up something to eat right when we got home because nothing was cooked back at the house AND I wanted to get in a run when I got home.   

The kiddos deep in conversation with each other waiting on their food.

My run was AWFUL. I couldn't get any momentum going and my breathing was off. I ended up walking and slow jogging most of it - but I was determined to get my 30 minutes in. It wasn't pretty at all - but it got done.

After my run the rest of the evening was a whirlwind. I had gone on-line Sunday night and ordered our groceries. I put in a pick-up time - and hubby was able to just drive up to the front of the store and the groceries were loaded into the car - at no additional cost! 

Since we finally had food in the house again I cleaned and baked chicken for dinner this week, I made a chicken with pasta dish for that night's dinner and I made the kiddos lunches for today. Then I helped with homework, I dealt with printers that wouldn't print out needed homework, I flat-ironed mini me's hair, I threw in a load of laundry, I put away my laundry from last week along with the new clothes I bought over the weekend, I got the kids to bed at a pretty reasonable hour and then I finally got to take my shower and climb in the bed. Exhausted. I slept like a baby though! Ready to take on October!

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