Monday, October 7, 2013

It Was the Weekend Y'all

Last Thursday morning I weighed myself again since Thursday has always been my real "weigh-in" day. I just so happened to have weighed myself on Tuesday of that week too so I could have a true gauge for the whole month of October of my starting weight and ending weight. The weigh-in Thursday was pretty disappointing. I was UP .4 lbs - definitely NOT the direction I wanted to see the scale to move. All the more reason I only weigh myself once a week.  

I downloaded a Google app called "Task Timer" for Chrome.  So far it's turning out to be a really cool way for me to stay on track with my projects and deadlines. I can set up how much time I want to spend on something and it alerts me when that time is up. At the end of the workday I can track how much time I spent working on certain projects as well as how much time I spent reading gmail and/or blogs.

My legs and body were so still sore on Thursday from the 3 mile walk I took through my development Tuesday after work. I definitely used different muscles when I walked outside like that. For my Thursday lunchtime workout I went ahead and walked random hills on the treadmill to kind of duplicate walking outside.

Friday I signed up for the South Beach Diet plan. Well, actually I signed up for the one week trial. After the 1st week it's $4/week. I followed South Beach years ago and it was one of the few things that actually really helped me shrink my belly. I know my main problem is my diet and any help I can get I'm going to take advantage of!

I love Fridays when we get out of work early! This was an odd sight in the parking lot Friday afternoon - a Forensic Services van just parked in a public parking lot. Strange. 

I was able to pick up the kids and grab some fro-yo on the way home. Hubby ordered the Papa John's Buffalo Pizza mini me has been begging us to order. It was okay. Different. But not my favorite. It was basically a pizza with chicken and buffalo hot sauce on it. My son doesn't do spicy foods so we got him a cheese pizza.  

Saturday morning the kids were going to run a 5K with hubby and me but on Friday night they backed out - saying it was too early in the morning for them to have to wake up for pre-registration. Teenagers!

The race was a little frustrating because it was longer than a 5K. At 2.9 miles I turned up my speed expecting to see a finish line soon. Nope - it wasn't there. I had to run a little extra to get to the finish line. Not a bad average pace for me -11:09! 

Here's the actual email I received today from the organizers. It states my average pace was a 12:08 - I'm guessing because they are using a 3.1 mile course.   

Congratulations Vanessa, Bib no 855 on finishing the AVFD 
on October 05, 2013.  For your records, the weather that day was 
72 degrees, 45% humidity.  Very nice.

There were 20 finishers in the Female 40 to 49 age group and 
119 finishers in the race.

Your overall finish place was  73 and your age group finish place 
was 12.  Your overall finish percentile was 61 while your age group 
percentile was 60.  Your time of 37:37.2 gave you a 12:08 pace per mile.

Post-race picture with hubby

Hubby SHOULD have placed for his age group but his darn timing chip didn't work. He was so disappointed and I felt awful for him.

Okay - the pic wasn't actually taken on the 3rd but hubby did send it to me that day! 

Enjoying mini me's soccer game

Yes - we were grilling at 8pm!

And two final things from the weekend. Mini me and I hit up Target Saturday afternoon and I bought my first eos chapstick. Mini me has quite the collection. It's was just okay to me. I like my Burt's Bees chapsticks better. This one is big and awkward to put on.

I forgot to write about my my first Bulu Box I received a couple of weeks ago. I guess because I had opened it and I just wasn't that impressed. Anything that includes Vivarin just doesn't scream "healthy" to me. We used to take Vivarin in college like crazy to help us to stay up late studying. I didn't even know the stuff was even still around after all these years! 

I can't remember how I got the Bulu Box- maybe through a Groupon or something but 2 more of these boxes will be delivered to me in the coming months. I wish I could remember how much I had paid for the 3 months but I just can't. It definitely wasn't much though. I did throw away the Vivarin and I'm not quite sure if I'm even going to use the other 3 items or not. I need to do more research on them before I put them in my body! 

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