Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's October Y'all!

New month, new start! Well almost...

It was another short day at work since I had to pick the kids up from cross country practice so no lunchtime workout for me. When they got in the car they informed me that they didn't have their uniforms and they had a cross country meet today! So I had to drive out of my way back to their dad's house to pick up the uniforms that he didn't send back with them. I was beyond irritated because whenever they forget something at EITHER house - I always seem to be the one to have to go pick it up or drop it off.

When we did finally get home - I needed to burn off some steam so I went for a pre-dinner walk through the neighborhood. I walked 3 miles at almost a 15 minute mile pace!

It felt awesome to get in the workout but I have got to do something about my eating. It was totally out of control from the time I got in from my walk to include making dinner and all through the evening - especially when making the kids lunches. Plus I didn't measure out my dinner portions and am sure I over ate. My Fitness Pal needs to become my bff again!

After dinner it was time for the normal nightly activities - folding/putting away laundry, making & packing lunches and getting my clothes ready for the next day. I also went through my mail pile to do some sorting and shredding. 

It was my dad's birthday so I talked to him for a little while on his drive home from work. 

My son had a ton of homework and was up FOREVER finishing it all up. We all ended up going to bed later than normal again waiting on him to finish. These late night homework nights are killing me us!

Ha ha - how many times have I started and not completed Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge? A LOT!

Well here I go again trying again! Here's this month's attempt:   

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