Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Weekend

Friday night hubby and I kept it low key since I had my 5K Saturday morning. We ordered food from a little Italian place in the neighborhood and brought it home. We tried to watch the movie "Flight" On Demand but it was only available to buy and not to rent yet so we ended up watching some of the shows from the DVR.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for my race. I couldn't believe it was 32 degrees! Brrrr.... I bundled up and we headed out.

Wouldn't you know I PR'd the race? My "official" time was 32:21. My Runkeeper app didn't have it as a full 5K though. Either way - I'll take that pace!! Look who's getting faster! This girl!

After the race hubby and I made our customary Dunkin Donuts stop. I tried to be more healthy and order the sausage egg white flat. Blech! It was awful. I had to pour ketchup on it just to get it down. Never again will I order that.

In the afternoon we headed out. Our first stop was to look for cold weather running gear for both of us. I stocked up on the running tights at Marshall's and then I ended up getting jackets from Dick's Sporting Goods.  

Mini-me had a soccer game at 3:45 so we went to watch that (they won and she scored one of the goals!). Afterwards we went on a bowling date. 


Sunday morning I lounged around in bed catching up on blogs, Instagram and Facebook before I finally put our grocery list together. We went to Sam's Club first and then when we were on our way to the commissary - the ex-husband called to ask if the kids could be dropped off late because they were going to be at his parent's house with his sister.

There is something about just seeing his phone number come up in my caller ID that raises my blood pressure. I know it's always drama whenever he contacts me. I really can't wait till the kiddos are 18 and I won't have to deal with him anymore!

Once the phone call was over I was irritated so hubby and I went to have a drink. We went to Maryland Live Casino. I did awful - as usual - and was out of money pretty quickly.

Shortly after we got home I had to run out to get the kids and then the four of us stayed up watching some DVR'd shows - Amazing Race and The Voice.

The kiddos didn't have school yesterday - teacher in-service day - or something like that. Hubby was already scheduled off for that day so I went ahead and requested it too so I could hang out with my family for the day. First up - a run with hubby. It was his first run since he injured his foot last week so we agreed we would only run for 30 minutes and then meet back at the car.

I tried out the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor hubby bought me while he was overseas since my Polar HRM is slowly dying.

A little post run fuel -

The flavor and the walnuts were good. The seeds threw me off. I don't think I would get it again. It's a texture thing for me.

Hubby and I did the grocery shopping while the kids did their homework and got dressed. Then we took them out for lunch to a pizza place nearby that I had a Living Social deal for. Afterwards we took them bowling! We had the whole place to ourselves practically!

When we got home I poured myself a lil drink to end my long weekend off with. Hubby and I cooked tacos for dinner. 

I needed it too. I got into it a little bit with the kiddos regarding their cell phones. I am so sick of the cell phone drama. I'm **this close** to either cutting their phones off or finding little flip phones for them to use! 

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