Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two A Days... Again

Tuesday morning I woke up early and popped in a ChaLean Extreme dvd. Gotta get my strength training back in my workout rotation.

The only problem is my Polar heart rate monitor has been acting up so I tried using the Garmin hubby bought while he was overseas. Ummmm.... something doesn't seem right - 36 calories burned in 33 minutes? Gimme a break!

I really don't want to have to buy another heart rate monitor. I just bought my current one last October which I saw when I went on Amazon to price a replacement. I'm going to have to try changing the batteries and if that doesn't work I guess I'll have to try sending it back to Polar. These things are too expensive to have to replace every year!

During my lunchtime I went out for workout #2. I decided to speed walk to try to map out a running route. I got in almost 2.5 miles too! This is also the 1st time the heart rate monitor had a lower calorie burn reading than the Runkeeper app. Something definitely isn't right with the heart rate monitor. Unless Polar just reads higher all the time. Which could be ONE of my problems since I always tend to eat back my workout calories. 

After dinner I did a little meal prep for today. I boiled eggs and cut up strawberries for the kids and me for breakfast.

I also packed up the fixings for a taco salad for lunch made from Monday night's dinner leftovers. Instead of taco shells or chips though I used these Triscuits and crushed them up in the salad. They were really good and added additional flavor. As a dressing I used 2 Tbsp salsa and 1 Tbsp fat free ranch dressing mixed together. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I ate it.

After the meal prepping and kitchen cleaning was done I plopped on the couch and watched last week's Survivor on the dvr with hubby and the kids. I'm glad Brad had to go home! I turned in early - another two a day workout day is on the schedule for Wednesday!

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