Friday, October 11, 2013

Where do the Days Go?

Geez - the blogging days fly by but the work days drag on. I wish I was better about actually scheduling specific time to blog, but I'm not so I end up having to recap lots of days all at once.

Monday I wasn't able to wake myself up for a morning workout but I did get in my 10K training run during lunch.  

My lunch was healthy AND delicious! I had brought in 2 leftover chicken kebabs we had grilled Sunday night.

Keeping up with my Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day pictures: 

Tuesday I didn't get in my lunchtime workout. The ex-husband sent me an irritating e-mail regarding the kids' schooling that set me off and I spent my lunchtime talking to hubby about it and drafting my response.

Wednesday I hopped back on that treadmill during lunch though!

Thursday I woke up to a 1.4 pound loss which is always a good thing!

At lunch I decided to switch it up with my workouts. I've been sticking to my 10K training running schedule pretty well but I have been totally slacking on the cross training part of the training. Every day my intent is actually to wake up early and do either a ChaLean Extreme dvd or a TurboFire dvd. But every.single.morning. I hit the snooze for an hour or just turn off the alarm and reset it for an hour later.

Thursday I did a workout from my Fitness Class App (which I am paying $9.99/per month for so I should really be using it more often). I searched for a 30 minute strength workout and I came up with one of my old favorite instructors - Kathy Smith. Her and Denise Austin were some of the first workout dvds I started using oh so long ago!

Is it strange that I did a dvd targeted to combating the aging process? I feel so old!  

I did the 1st two segments of the workout - 15 minutes of arms (which I'm still feeling today) and 15 minutes of legs. Then because my calorie burn was so low I hopped on the treadmill for a one mile walk.

This Trader Joe's Dip has been sitting in my refrigerator for awhile so I finally opened it last night.  

It was so delicious I could barely stop eating it. Even hubby was a fan! Now THAT's saying something!

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