Monday, November 18, 2013

Atlantic City Weekend

Last weekend hubby and I had an extra long, long weekend. We both took Friday off (well I took it off, he had it off) in addition to being off on Monday for Veteran's Day.

We were taking a road trip up to Atlantic City for the weekend and to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday.

Hubby splurged and booked us a suite at Trump Plaza - oo la la! 

It was a nice ride up to AC - complete with my bad singing to old itunes songs from the 80s and 90s to keep hubby entertained while he drove.

After we checked in we hit the slots for a bit and had a few drinks. I even won a few hundred bucks which is a rarity for me when we gamble. I usually lose all my money immediately!

We took one of those carriage-type thingys to my friend's hotel because it was so windy and cold outside. 

She still had work to do in her hotel room so we went down to the casino in her hotel with her friends. They taught me how to play Blackjack and I did REALLY well there!

By the time my friend was done with work it was almost 11pm. We ate and then I was tired. We had been drinking since we got to AC at 2! We caught a cab back to our hotel and crashed out!

The next morning I went down to the Starbucks for coffee. Hotel room coffee is so nasty. Plus I need the stars to keep my gold member status!

His and hers

I had wanted to do some shopping with my winnings - especially since there's no sales tax up there. We never actually got around to shopping though. After we got ourselves ready and out we went to Caesar's and played their slots for awhile.

Hers and his

A long while. I lost a little bit of my winnings back into the slots so I stopped. Hubby and I stopped for a really late lunch and then went back to our hotel to rest before my friend's dinner party.

We gave her a bottle of Grey Goose and some straws for her present. It was a joke gift because after our wedding a group of people had come back to our room and when we ran out of mixer she insisted she would just drink her Goose straight - which she did - which she regretted the next morning!



Cheers to the birthday girl - a shot of Grey Goose for old times!

Dinner was awesome. We went to a family style restaurant called Carmine's. The food was delicious and it was nice to try a little bit of each thing - especially since hubby and I weren't that hungry since we ate lunch so late. A plus to family style dining is that the bill wasn't even high per person once you divide it up evenly for a large group!

Then it was time for cake and singing happy birthday to the birthday girl. 

After dinner we went to karaoke. We were able to secure a private room for our group for two hours. It was a blast. I even sang - which I NEVER do outside of my car. I even signed hubby up to sing Captain and Tenille with me - "Love Will Keep Us Together".

Of course we had to have a Patron shot.

And then we went to the night club/bar.

Yes my make-up is all gone. Yes my face looks greasy. Yes I had a great time!

And this right here is what 27 years of friendship looks like!

It's a week later now and I'm still not recovered from last weekend' festivities. But not because of what you think. I caught a nasty cold somewhere up in Jersey and have been coughing up a lung for over a week now.

I'm really bummed out about it too. I have trained 12 weeks for my 10K and I haven't worked out or run in over a week because of this nasty cough. I am determined to run this race on Saturday. My goal for this race may be just to finish instead of to finish within a certain time. I do want to get in at least two practice runs this week and do some walks - just to get my body moving again.

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